Father’s Day Gift Guide 2018

Fathers day 2018 With Mother’s day behind us and Memorial day on the horizon, it is time to think about father’s day! Below we will highlight some of our favorite gear for dad this year, and link to our reviews and where to buy them. Mother’s and Father’s day seems like a hallmark holiday, but Read More


Stereotypical Dad

Men often times get a bad rep. From all the men that have come before them and those that are in influential positions that make the rest of us look like pigs. To the point that there is a certain expectation of failure from men, as well as a certain “manliness”, “Success” and “attitude.” Men Read More

Time Travelers

Time Travelers

This weekend my family and I took a short road trip to Big Pool, Maryland. There is a state park there called Fort Frederick which was a fort built on the frontier of the early colonial settlement in Maryland. Housed at the fort this weekend was the annual 18th Century Market Fair. I enjoy history Read More

Quality Time

This past weekend was busy, as most of them are. However, something was quite different. I was able to spend some quality time with my son, and his uncles. Doing so set me up for an awesome day. Sure I didn’t get a bunch done, but it was definitely time worth while. My brothers messaged Read More



Parenting is still new to me. As I said in other posts, I know nothing. It has been a year and each day is more exciting than the last. And each day has new challenges. My son was getting his thigh stuck in the crib to the point that we nearly had to cut him Read More