Parenting is still new to me. As I said in other posts, I know nothing. It has been a year and each day is more exciting than the last. And each day has new challenges. My son was getting his thigh stuck in the crib to the point that we nearly had to cut him Read More

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Trigger Warning

What? I have been noticing a lot of people complaining about posts, and topics over the last few weeks that they want to have a “trigger warning” for. What the hell is a trigger warning?  It is kind of like a spoiler alert. It lets the reader know that there is something in the article Read More

Nest Vs Old

Time Ticks Away

One of the cool things about social media is the storage of photos. Then you have apps that pull those photos with the date and context back daily. I have been looking at photos from last year when B would still lay on my chest and nap. A time when we would need to provide Read More

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Every person in this amazing country that we call America has the freedom that they do because another person has fought for it. The world would not be the place it is today without American intervention in WW2. They call that generation the greatest generation and I can seriously see why. I had the privilege Read More

Nest Vs Old

Honesty: A Lost Art

In a growing world of instantaneous communication with thousands of people throughout the world, the idea of being honest has been lost. People post on twitter, facebook and all of social media about their lives, often adding in things that didn’t happen, or removing facts to make themselves look worse, or better to other people Read More

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Building A Family

Being a dad isn’t just about you and your kid. You didn’t birth that child, you didn’t carry that child, and you only had half of the input for how he or she was going to come out. You shared in making that baby, just as you share your home, and life together. Building a Read More

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What Money Is To Me

Money is the root of all evil… Or so people will say. In reality it isn’t. Greed (the love of money) is though. Wanting everything for yourself is a bad place to be. Your mind figures out how to work people over and get all that for yourself, and only for yourself. I admit that Read More

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Be Selfish First

In the internet age we hear constantly about globalization, the interdependence of nations throughout the world. We hear of famine and war and the needs of the people of the world. If you go to church, you are likely to hear of missionaries who need your hard earned dollars. This is absolutely all true and Read More

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Never Give Up

My brother is a UPS driver and has adopted the slogan of Never Give Up. He has worked very hard for what he has and has had some medical issues in the last year that threatened all that he has worked for and even his life. Those health issues strengthened his resolve even more than Read More