F-150 Running board lights

I am new to blogging, but I figured that I could start with this. Below is my experience with my F-150 LED’s running board lights and installation.

I got these lights from F150LEDs.com. They are a simple LED strip that you adhere to the bottom of the cab to illuminate the running boards. They are fairly simple to do.

You start out with the LED strips. Make sure they fit the length of the cab. The original set I got were for the bed lights and not for the running board lights.

Clean the area of application. Use the supplied wipes. Then pull the backing off the LED strip as you apply it to the underside of the cab. They stick pretty good but are in no way weatherproof. The company supplies you with Silicone Adhesive to ensure that they stay put. Slowly peel off one side of the LED strips from the cab and add a dab of the silicone. I did about every 8 to 12 inches.

Once the light strip is on, open the rear passenger door (if super crew cab) or Front doors and pull the floor paneling off. This attaches to the kickplate and are held in place by clips. They can be broken so becareful not to pull to hard.

Fish the wires throught the opening to the outside world and choose the desired lengh of the wires. I trimmed mine down so they wouldn’t hang outside of the truck. Then use the supplied quick slices to hook into the existing power. The supplied wiring guide shows which wires are hot and cold. This was the most difficult part becasue the wires in the harness were not quite as described on the sheet. It is important to verify your wires, you don’t want to tap into the flashers.

This product deserves 4 stars.

The product itself exceeded expectations. It looked better than I thought it would and ultimately was one of the best add ons to my truck. The 4 star rating was however for the company. F150LEDs sent me the bed lights by mistake first and could not be used in the way that I wanted to. Installation was also trickier than it should have been because of the supplied wiring information which was incorrect or poorly written.

The item wasn’t perfect and the service made a goof, but quickly replaced my item and got me the correct ones and ultimately I think turned out pretty nifty.

This product is recommended.

here is the link:

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