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GearPods Wilderness is a unique, fully-integrated adventure system designed to accompany you deep into the wilderness. Built on the modular GearPods ConnectTM system, GearPods Wilderness makes it possible to effortlessly carry the gear and tools you need to manage contingencies and stay prepared even during unplanned nights out. GearPods Wilderness brings together three GearPods kits. GearPods Health provides a compact yet comprehensive first aid kit for treating common outdoor ailments and injuries. GearPods Survival Pro offers a range of survival tools to help you stay hydrated, build a fire and shelter, signal for help, repair gear, fish and navigate out of an unfamiliar situation. These survival tools are economically packed inside the GearPods CookMug and GearPods Stove that, when combined with the solid fuel tablets provided, creates a complete system for boiling water and cooking. Finally GearPods Shelter provides a complete emergency shelter system combining a lightweight silicon-coated ripstop nylon tarp rigging system with cord and line tensioners, and a thermal blanket. This integrated adventure system is compact, waterproof, durable and unmatched in pound-for-pound capabilities. And fitting anywhere sports bottles fit, GearPods kits are incredibly easy to pack. GearPods Wilderness – makes it easy for you to get away and stay away.


  • Integrated kit system that is compact, waterproof, durable
  • Compact but comprehensive first aid kit for treating minor wounds and injuries.
  • Includes GearPods Stove, GearPods CookMug (with snap-in lid), GearPods Windshield, and solid fuel tablets for boiling water and cooking.
  • Comprehensive shelter kit
  • GearPods fit anywhere most sports bottles fit, it is easy to pack and keep accessible.

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