Review information and Scale

I like to keep things simple. So we will make my scale from 1 to 5 stars and are rated on overall product, service, performance, appearance, everything.

Five Stars – Perfection. Nothing should be changed because everything was superb! Rarely will anything or anyone get five stars.

Four Stars – Awesome. Everything was perfect except minor details that may need slight improvement.

Three Stars – Good. The product/service met expectations and was presented in a generally well to do way. There is room for a good amount of improvement.

Two Stars – Poor. The item of review didn’t meet expectations/hype. Although an alright execution, the item or service could greatly improve.

One Star – Sucks! If an item or service gets one star, I don’t understand how they can be in business. I don’t give this out unless the product is broken and service is terrible. It has to be the worst of the worst.

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