Starting off with a Rant

So I order a lot of stuff online. I enjoy checking the stuff over and offering my opinion about the purchases from the supplier, to the shipment, to the service provided and of course the package itself. This time I am going to talk about a shipping supplier. Their slogan “Your world on time” is simply false. This is because of the low integrity of their drivers. FedEx often will hire contractors to deliver their packages rather than hiring a person outright. While there is nothing wrong with that (I am a contractor myself), the people who don’t have an attachment with their employer often perform poorly from my experience.

I had ordered a Microsoft Band, and a Nexus 5P, one of course from Microsoft and one from Google. FedEx was the carrier for both deliveries. The MS band was coming from China, which I had not realized, but had no problem with. The problem I had was when I checked the tracking status the shipment was shown in China, Japan, and Nashville all within an hour of each other. It then went back to China and sat there for a few days before repeating the process. I understand that things get stuck in customs, but if my tracking information is updated with the scanning of the package I don’t understand where it was.

The FedEx representatives that I spoke to on the phone over a couple of days didn’t know either. They said that the paperwork must have made it to each location. As far as I know papers are not sent to the arrival location ahead of time. Once it was in the US it made it to the local distribution point and went out for delivery. I noticed that there was an signature needed for the release of the package. Signed into my account and released the package authorizing a delivery at several doors on my property.

The driver did not leave it. I called FedEx and asked for the reason why. They said that the driver doesn’t have to leave it even though I signed for it. Me signing for it means nothing and that the driver is still liable if something goes missing. I told her to have the driver redeliver the package and leave it because I signed for it. I got updated notifications that delivery was attempted but no one was home. At this point I was fuming and called them back and the person said again that the driver doesn’t have to leave it even if there is a signature. What is the point of signing for something if they don’t have to release it. I finally got the package the next day. They left it in the mums…

The Nexus 5P was another story, that occurred the next week. I didn’t want a repeat so I ordered it to be delivered at my office… Well the driver for my office said that it was closed when they made the attempted delivery at 1:05pm. This is false. I was sitting waiting for it. No driver ever came. After fussing with the rep. for about 20 minutes, I went and checked with security. They said that no FedEx carrier had entered the building. I got back on the phone and demanded to speak with a supervisor, and let them know that no delivery was attempted, that the driver had never entered the building and that no door tag was left. The supervisor said that they would have to talk to the driver because a door tag is required. They said that they would reattempt delivery that day… Which didn’t happen. Another delivery exception was entered 15 minutes later saying that delivery was scheduled for the next day.

I did get the device the next day… but I don’t understand how a driver can be so lazy as to lie about delivering to a location to shorten his or her day. I have family that work for delivery services and he busts his butt every day of the week to get packages to where they are supposed to be and whether he is over loaded or scheduled to be out to midnight he does his job.

So FedEx Ground, you have been terrible.

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