Thermacell Mosquito Defense

Thermacell Mosquito Defense If you have ever been outside near any body of water, you know there is a annoying bug flying around. Mosquitos pose some threat to humans carrying viruses such as Zika and West Nile. Other parts of the world have more serious problems like malaria. The solution has been to drench yourself Read More


A Guide To Picking The Best Gun Safe For Families

A Guide to Picking The Best Gun Safe for Families This article isn’t sponsored by any company or organization. It comes from a father who wants parents know how to keep kids safe from a fatal accident. Congratulations on purchasing a firearm. Or well done on starting research into buying one. Owning a firearm is Read More

GearPods Stove System

Gear Pods: Modular Survival Kit

Gear Pods So I don’t usually subscribe to the conspiracy theories out there. But I have listened to a bunch of people ramble on about them and many are very convincing. A few years ago there was a theory of marshal law and the collapse of society being imminent. Yes, I know it sounds crazy, Read More

YETI Tundra 45 Cooler

YETI Coolers: Worth the hype?

Over the last few years there has been an increase in premium coolers on the market. Yeti came out with an ultra premium cooler that was immediately followed by several competitors. The questions is, can the competitors compare to the quality of the Yeti Coolers? Additionally, is the cost difference justified? Overview: The yeti is Read More

Mission Critical Pouches

Mission Critical has some amazing stuff! We recently did a review for their baby carrier which is their pride and joy, and we had to come back for more. We got three new pouch accessories to customize our carrier. Mission Critical is a company that specializes in baby carriers and accessories for dad. Now, they don’t have Read More

Moultrie M-888 Game Camera

Moultrie M-888 Game Camera I have never subscribed to setting up a game camera. I just didn’t really get to the field enough to make it worth it. But this year, I decided to pick one up. I got this one from tractor supply company and it was very easy to setup. It didn’t come Read More

AUX Beam LED light bar

AUX Beam LED Lights I purchased a Yamaha Grizzly a few months ago and it is a great ATV. But it is unfortunately missing some lights. It has halogen lights but not in a very wide pattern and not very bright. With that being said some aftermarket LEDs are in order.   I purchased a Read More