Nest Stock

Nest Thermostat

Nest Thermostat About a year ago or so I got really interested in the Nest Thermostat and smart home devices in general. The Nest seems like one of the top competitors in the smart home market and its sleek design really was of interest to me. Google acquired nest in 2014. There is not much Read More

Nest Vs Old

BlackVue DR650S Dash Camera

BlackVue DR650s – 2ch Why is this a part of dad gear? The dashcam is an awesome technological development. I have wanted one to record the absolute insanity that comes with driving in and around DC. However I could never justify one until I realized how important it could actually be. One of my pass Read More


Liberty Bottleworks

Liberty Bottleworks Some of you may have figured out that I am an American Patriot. I take pride in my country and want the best for it. I feel that purchasing from American companies that make their products in America benefits us. I’m not going to go into the details about why I believe that Read More

Samsung BrightVIEW Monitor

Samsung BrightVIEW HD Monitor

Brightview HD baby monitor If you are anything like me you love technology. Just enjoying the interesting advancements in technological developments. When we found out my wife was pregnant I began looking for the perfect baby monitor. There are so many out there to choose from. You have the basic ones that are just like Read More


Body Brew and Seabag Locker Coffee

Why is a coffee maker Dad gear? Well, If you have not slept for a majority of a year then you know that coffee is essential to fatherhood, parenthood and life in general.  While you can get a regular coffee maker and regular coffee, there is something about the cold brew process and premium coffee Read More

GearPods Stove System

Gear Pods: Modular Survival Kit

Gear Pods So I don’t usually subscribe to the conspiracy theories out there. But I have listened to a bunch of people ramble on about them and many are very convincing. A few years ago there was a theory of marshal law and the collapse of society being imminent. Yes, I know it sounds crazy, Read More

YETI Tundra 45 Cooler

YETI Coolers: Worth the hype?

Over the last few years there has been an increase in premium coolers on the market. Yeti came out with an ultra premium cooler that was immediately followed by several competitors. The questions is, can the competitors compare to the quality of the Yeti Coolers? Additionally, is the cost difference justified? Overview: The yeti is Read More

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Bottle Holder: Mission Critical

You have your Mission Critical Baby Carrier, but there is one problem. You don’t have a place to put your drink, or the baby’s. Sometimes you are walking around with the baby strapped to your chest, and you need to put your (or the baby’s) bottle down to pick up your bag of charcoal from Read More

Oball Bounce O Bunch Activity Center

Oball Jungle Activity Center

Activity Center Every parents needs a moment to breathe. As soon as your kid becomes mobile they are going non-stop with you chasing behind them, wishing-praying that they fall asleep so you can just get something done. Well Oball has the answer. The Jungle Activity Center by Oball. Or as we call it, the circle Read More