Bak Blade 2.0

Most men have issues with their backs. As they reach 30 or so, the back becomes more like a forest overgrown and wild. Some men seek to tame the forest…

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Every person in this amazing country that we call America has the freedom that they do because another person has fought for it. The world would not be the place…

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Honesty: A Lost Art

In a growing world of instantaneous communication with thousands of people throughout the world, the idea of being honest has been lost. People post on twitter, facebook and all of…

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Do What Works For You

I know a lot of posts have been about the Bullet Journal over the last few days. I understand that a lot of you may not even care about this.…

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Panda Planner

The Panda Planner So, like I said in the Bullet Journal review, I had previously looked into other types of planners and eventually settled on the Panda Planner back in December of…

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Building A Family

Being a dad isn't just about you and your kid. You didn't birth that child, you didn't carry that child, and you only had half of the input for how…

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What Money Is To Me

Money is the root of all evil... Or so people will say. In reality it isn't. Greed (the love of money) is though. Wanting everything for yourself is a bad…

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Be Selfish First

In the internet age we hear constantly about globalization, the interdependence of nations throughout the world. We hear of famine and war and the needs of the people of the…

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