30 Shades of Gray

30 Shades of Gray

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I went to get my haircut the other day and realized it was turning gray and white very quickly. My family has a history of going gray early. It doesn’t bother me that much…

Okay, it bothers me some, but who wouldn’t it bother at 30 years old? I am not even in midlife yet. I have another (hopefully) 50 years or more to go. I plan on making the most of it.

I enjoy the little things now that I get to do with my son. I get to take him to the barber with me and he looks to me with fear-filled eyes as the electric clippers turn on. Then his magical daddy pulls a lollypop from his back pocket, and all is right in the world. The fear melts and everything is normal.

There is some good about the gray at this point. It makes me look older than what I am and people assume I have experience. This has actually helped to secure jobs. Though you are not allowed to ask a candidates age, nor discriminate for or against someone based on their age,  looking a bit older typically implies that you have more experience and employers are willing to pay more.

The Gray hair also means that life is slipping by. I use it as a reminder I need to slow down and focus on what matters. My son and my family. My Wife and I took our trip to Iceland last year because as our son gets older, those types of vacations may be few and far between until he is grown.

Take the time you have and make everyday chores like getting a haircut into special moments with your kids. Going gray means you are getting older and your time is fleeting fast.

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