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I am a new dad as of May 2016. I found that there is a short supply of products that appeal to me being a dad. I don’t want a fancy colorful diaper bag to carry around with my son. I want a manly, tactical, over the top, military grade baby supplier and transport. The problem is, I haven’t found many people providing honest, down to earth reviews of the products. My mission is to get my hands on as many products as possible, try them out and let my fellow dad’s know which are good and which are bad. Of course, I have reviews of other manly products as well, such as Soap, Manscaping items, Health and fitness (DadBod), and general men’s things. I have learned many things over the last year and still know nothing. I want to share my opinions with the world. Take them as a grain of salt since I have been doing this dad thing for a very short amount of time. All my product reviews are honest opinion and are provided with the utmost sincerity, and sometimes with a little humor.

We all thank you sincerely for helping us continue to help new dads, and I hope that my thoughts and reviews will make fatherhood just a little more special.

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2 thoughts on “About Dad

  1. Good on you sir! I had no option when my daughters were born in 2010 to carry feminine looking items around with me due to short supply of manly products – so I forked out for the most pimped out stroller I could afford – just so, you know – I could hide everything in it! 🙂

    1. Haha! Oh that’s great. There is a picture my wife took of me with our son in a ring sling. Its on my instagram page. Not too feminine, in fact it I thought it made me look like a highlander. I was okay with that. The rest of the stuff I stuck in the Eddie Bauer bag… Which was a good temporary solution.

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