Bedgear Performance Pillow

Bedgear Performance Pillow

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BedGear Solar 2.0 performance Pillow

One thing I was told repeatedly when my wife was expecting, was that sleep will not be the same for at least 15 years. There is one thing that they got right. While I sleep through just about everything including a crying baby, sometimes I do wake up when I think I hear the baby cry. Of course that is when he is completely silent, and then I am wide awake. It often takes me at least an hour to go back to sleep in this situation. Then other times I cant go back to sleep so I get up at 2am and head to the gym. That was before I found bedgear.


Bedgear Solar Performance pillow

Bedgear is a company that is seeking to transform how you sleep. Their products range from kids pillows and blankets to mattresses. They even have adult blankets and pillows. I recently got a pillow for myself and cannot believe how absolutely in love with it I am. Never in my life have I been so excited to hit the hay.

The website is well designed and even offers a feature to help you decide which pillow is right for you based on how you sleep. You can try the pillow ID at It will ask you a few simple questions to help identify which pillow will meet your needs and give you the best sleep of your life.

Bedgear also has a non-profit that helps provide sleep deprivation education to school aged kids. Our children are surrounded by technology, caffeine  and other stimulants that keep them from getting a restful nights sleep as well. Companies that give back to the community are always worth doing business with.

My Bedgear Solar Pillow

I landed on the Solar 2.0 Performance pillow and was a bit skeptical at first that it could really help my sleep. I have never liked a memory foam type pillow.  They are too heavy, hot, and just don’t do anything for me.  I was surprised when I tried it out the first night and even had to wait to write the review for about a week and a half to ensure that my experience wasn’t some sort of fluke. Before I go into my experience here are a few of the pillow’s features as highlighted from their website:

    • Ver-Tex® cool touch fabric is ideal for medium to hot sleepers.
    • Dual construction design offers 2 choices of comfort: Single layer pillow pad with responsive & soft Boost® blend fill has a lower profile for stomach sleepers while providing adequate support for your head and shoulders.
    • Great leg pillow for side sleepers.
    • React® crown on one side contours to your head, neck and shoulders
    • A softer Boost® blend fill on the other provides smooth motion performance that won’t bottom out.
    • Ventilated Air-X® panel enables air flow through the pillow, shifting away excess heat so you sleep more comfortably.
    • Personal performance size: 20″” x 26″
    • Assembled in the USA with US and imported parts”

The Good

I was simply amazed when I tried the pillow. I like it freezing when I sleep. In a hotel room I crank the A/C as low as it will go, often 60 degrees or less. Memory foam pillows often trap heat and radiate it back to the user. Then you would sweat and soak the pillow. But the solar performance pillow is designed to allow airflow through the pillow creating a cool touch and keeps the user comfortable and dry. It is a nice size too. More than once I have found my wife sneaking over to my pillow when she thinks I am asleep and she takes it for herself every morning when I leave for work. Bedgear also makes pillows and blankets for your kids so when your son or daughter is up all night, it may be time to try something different.

It’s not just the pillow though. The experience in choosing the pillow has been well designed. When traveling I have problems finding the right pillow on the hotel beds. Often I have to double them over and swap them throughout the night. It was fantastic to have the Pillow ID feature to help me decide on which pillow worked for me. While it provided me with a couple options, I think any of them at this point would have been on point.

Customer service is also beyond fantastic. I have had nothing but amazing experience when reaching out to the company.  I haven’t tried any other products of theirs, but this experience definitely makes me want all the things!

The Bad

Nothing is perfect. Though this pillow is an amazing experience, you definitely get what you pay for. I have been buying $10 or $20 pillows for years from Kohl’s or some other department store and they are okay for a short period but nothing like what I need. The premium pillow and comfort that comes along with it is provided at a higher price than the $10 department store pillow.

If you compare the premium pillow to that of premium running shoes: You get a better performance in your run if you are equipped with the proper attire. When you sleep, you also need the proper gear to perform well. Often times the better performing products come at a higher premium. This is one that is well worth the investment.


I whole heartily agree that sleep fuels everything (bedgear’s slogan)  and that to live a high performing life, you need to have high performance sleep. I highly recommend this pillow to anyone who has trouble falling asleep and staying asleep. Every new mom and dad will love to have something this awesome in their arsenal of products to help them sleep better and be ready and rested for whatever their child throws their way. They also offer warranties on their products so you know that they back each item and the quality that they build in them.



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  1. Meyy Arunachalam

    My experience with the Solar pillows have been quite the opposite.

    I bought this pillow from “The Brick”. The store convinced me to buy a Solar 3.0 pillow and he said that was the side sleeper pillow. My chiropractor recommended a side sleeper pillow and that was the only reason I decided to invest in a good pillow. My first night’s sleep was terrible. Woke up every twentyfive min and the next morning the neck was stiff and extremely painful. I called Bedgear and they said, I should have been fitted with a Solar 2.0 and not a 3.0 per my size and the store made a mistake. They asked me to go back to the store and exchange, but the store wouldn’t let me exchange to the Solar 2.0 and asked me to contact bedgear. I was extremely disappointed when both bedgear and brick finger pointed each other. Infact bedgear said they would offer me a discount code to buy another pillow!?!?! when the first one was disappointing.

    Finally I convinced Brick to exchange my pillow to a Solar 2.0 . Slept on it for 2 days, my neck is still hurting. The pillow is extremely firm and I literally have to push my head into the pillow to keep my spine aligned with my neck. I was hoping it would get better in 3 days. But no luck. I don’t want to try it anymore. Its now an expensive waste. I am disappointed. If you on the verge on buying this pillow, keep in mind its only sold in Brick and they don’t accept returns. The five min laying down on the store does not help asses the pillow. SAVE YOUR MONEY. Bedgear (infact I spoke to the team leader) was extremely unhelpful in solving my issue.

    1. Dad

      I’m so sorry that you had a bad experience. I would recommend you reach back out to the company and see what you can work out. They were very helpful for me. I appreciate your feedback and experience with the product and companies.

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