Being a Bull Moose

Being a Bull Moose

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I have heard that in order to be successful you have to be a Rhino. That’s a great image to see a Rhino charging with that horn low ready to attack… The problem is in reality, a Rhino is only moderately aggressive. My dad went Moose Hunting last year and had a bull come charging in on him and the guide. His descriptions of the event were terrifying.

For those of you who don’t know, you never approach a moose. They can be extremely aggressive, especially during mating season, or protecting their young. Being dad, you have to be a bull moose sometimes…. No, I don’t mean you have to show your might and force to get your mate.  But you do have to go after what you want and desire with ferocity.

As a father, I want the best for my Son and Wife… and of course our dogs. With that comes some sacrifices and at other times some ferociousness. Sometimes we must be like the bull moose and lower our head and charge forward even when we don’t know what lies in wait. Charge through the brush and small trees to defend our honor, our family and our careers. Tackle the small things like they are nothing. Stay strong and on course.

Teddy Roosevelt was nicknamed the bull moose with his blunt force that he showed the world with such policies as the big stick for the military. Showing off strength can propel you forward.

Weighing in at upwards of 1500 lbs, a bull moose can still have it weaknesses. Wolves are perhaps the only predator that could take one down beside a human, and rarely are wolves going to go after a full grown bull, but occasionally it happens.

When being the bull, we have to understand when the wolves are ready to attack and know that it is okay to stand your ground or even retreat at times. It isn’t always about charging forward. We must think about our actions, our futures, and our families with every decision we make while deciding to lower our head and charge, turn tail and run, or stand our ground and fight.

Being dad, means being a bull moose.

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