Being Dad

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Being dad

My life changed dramatically a few weeks after my son was born. I find it very interesting the thoughts and feelings I have that had never crossed my mind before. It was weird… It didn’t happen immediately. And strangely if I am honest, I didn’t realize how much I loved my son in the beginning. He wasn’t really a part of me yet. He was just another little being in my life. I wasn’t fully dad yet.

That has changed. Now he is my life force. Never did I imagine that I could care and love someone or something as much as I love my son. This Being Dad part of will be dedicated to him, my wife, and our interactions and adventures. This will be something that I try to keep up on weekly if not more and is more so for me than for any followers. Though I would love feedback on this section or any section really so I can improve my writing and cater to my audience better.

My interactions with my son and what I learn can be taken by some with a grain of salt. I am still new to the dad thing and don’t have 20 years experience. Instead I can offer my advice and what I have been through to other dads who are just starting out. In 20 years, I will have that experience and will be able to offer a more rounded approach to being dad for the next generation.

There will be more reviews in the next few weeks and a new section focusing on health for dads, it of course will be the Dad Bod section.

Thank you to my loyal followers. I never imagined to reach this many people and I hope to continue to grow and share my experiences with the world.

Having my son is my opportunity to change the world.

– Dad

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