Brush Baby toothbrush and toothpaste

Brush Baby toothbrush and toothpaste

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Brush Baby

Brush Baby Toothbrush & toothpaste

First off I want to thank Brush Baby for their support and sponsorship of this review. For clarity and and honesty, they provided me with the electric toothbrush and the tooth paste to test and review. Please note that my review is genuine and does not necessarily reflect the views of Brush Baby.

My son has teeth… Lots and lots of them. In fact he is the only one of his group of kiddos that were born in the last 18 months that has all of his teeth. He has been teething since 3 months old and we have been brushing since about 5 months. I personally use an Oral B electric toothbrush and feel that it works much better than a standard manual brush. When I opened the package and found the electric kids brush from brush baby, I was ecstatic. My son has some defects in his front teeth and they have worried my wife an I since they first appeared. I am hoping that brushing will help strengthen his enamel and prevent any decay.

First impressions

I opened the package and found the two heads and the base. It takes AAA batteries and provides a strong vibration. The vibration tracks the two minutes that you should brush your teeth with 30 second intervals just like my Oral B brush. The Bristles are soft (as they should be) and suitable for up to 18 months. After 18 months, you can switch to the larger head. We could probable go ahead and use the larger head since he has all of his teeth.

In addition to the vibrations, the head lights up with bright LED light. The light is available with or without vibration and has another layer of intrigue for the little one.

There are two parts to getting your kids to brush their teeth, one is intrigue. The experience has to be entertaining, and interesting to the child. And the second part, it has to taste good.

The tooth paste is awesome. It is a kid safe, tooth paste because of lower concentrations of flouride and it is not laden with sugar. It uses xylitol, a sugar alcohol (As a warning, do not let your pets eat this tooth paste, the xylitol will kill them).  The toothpaste is non foaming


so your kids wont drool all over their selves and you. It also contains chamomile to sooth the hurting gums while teething. The flavor is very mild, but still tastes great and smells great too.

The Good

My son was a little taken back by the vibrations of the tooth brush. But now he loves it and doesn’t want it to end. The flavor of the tooth paste is much better than the Crest Kids toothpaste he was using. Both the toothbrush and toothpaste have become a staple of bedtime.

In addition to the Electric toothbrush they also have several other stages such as infant, toddler, and children. There is a toothbrush for all ages.

The bad

I have yet to find a something bad about the company or products. Even the pricing is reasonable and on par.


I would highly recommend this brush, paste and company to any parent out there. We have had such an amazing experience with the electric toothbrush that we have been telling everyone about it.


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