Panda Planner Via

Focus your day around your strengths and dominate your competition. Grow your business, enhance your game plan, build better relationships. Whatever your goals, learn how to achieve them and more.

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Mission Critical Diaper Bag

A different approach to the diaper bag Diaper bags have been predominantly marketed to women over the years, with only a handful even appealing to men. Here in the last…

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Hydaway Bottle

Hydaway Bottle Any parent knows that when they are out and about it is important to keep the bare essentials at hand. This includes snacks, drinks, and of course clothing.…

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QALO Rings

Qalo Silicon Rings Qalo Rings: for whatever life throws at you Your normal ring is not as tough as you are. Mine is pretty tough being titanium, but still there…

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Bedgear Performance Pillow

BedGear Solar 2.0 performance Pillow One thing I was told repeatedly when my wife was expecting, was that sleep will not be the same for at least 15 years. There…

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Nest Thermostat

Nest ThermostatAbout a year ago or so I got really interested in the Nest Thermostat and smart home devices in general. The Nest seems like one of the top competitors…

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BlackVue DR650S Dash Camera

BlackVue DR650s - 2ch Why is this a part of dad gear? The dashcam is an awesome technological development. I have wanted one to record the absolute insanity that comes…

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