Body Brew and Seabag Locker Coffee

Body Brew and Seabag Locker Coffee

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Why is a coffee maker Dad gear?

Well, If you have not slept for a majority of a year then you know that coffee is essential to fatherhood, parenthood and life in general.  While you can get a regular coffee maker and regular coffee, there is something about the cold brew process and premium coffee that just stands out.

What is body brew?

The body brew or BOD is a unique cold brew system that is easy and efficient at cold brewing your favorite coffee. The BOD is designed as a two chamber cold brew maker. You fill the brewing reservoir with coffee and tighten, then fill it with water, and let it brew. When its done you flip it over to fill the carafe for serving. You can then rebrew the coffee beans a second time! You can visit their website

The BOD cold brew coffee maker

why seabag locker coffee?

Cold brew needs good quality fresh whole bean coffee. The Seabag Locker coffee ( is fresh roasted when you order then shipped to you. You cannot get any fresher than that! Seabag Locker is veteran owned and a great company to support that provides an amazing cup of coffee. I could have gone with bodybrew’s brand, but the Seabag Locker is veteran owned and has fantastic feedback on social media.

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The smell permeated the shipping container, and are amazing!  As a WARNING: Freshly roasted beans give off gas, more than store bought beans. You cannot put the lid on when you are brewing the beans in the bod. The system could blow, wasting all that glorious coffee.

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The Seabag Locker Coffee

The Bod’s Features:

The system itself is fairly compact, and modular. It allows you to brew up to 24 oz of concentrate at a time. By adding the ground beans into the metal mesh filter on the brewing side, then inserting them into the container, There should be little to no mess. Being able to attach the carafe on top allows for easy separation of the beans and coffee. Once brewed, The carafe can be separated and stored separately in the refrigerator for up to 2 weeks. The beans can then be brewed again at 60% of the water for a ready to drink cold brew in 12 hours.

Cold brew creates a bold coffee with less acidity and bitterness. It prevents the burnt flavor and makes a pleasurable drinking experience. You can add cream and sugar if you wish, but many people find that cold brew is smoother and requires less cream and sugar.

The grounds are easy to dump and and the system is easy to clean. The BOD comes with a shot glass (both 1 oz and 2 oz) to measure out the concentrate when preparing your coffee.

The Good:

The system is quite interesting. The modular design makes it easy to setup, and brew coffee. The accessories are interesting and you can even get a timer on it for brewing the perfect concentrate. Being able to split the carafe and the brew reservoir is great to allow storage of the smaller container for up to 2 weeks. The system as a whole is compact and does not take up much storage space. The directions are clear and the customer support is fantastic.

The Bad:

There is a learning curve apparently, or I am just not intuitive. The first time I attempted to brew my coffee, it leaked everywhere. This was an issue previously that BodyBrew has resolved. My leak was not from this issue and rather from me cross threading the filter into the bottom of the reservoir. Then trying to get off the filter was an even bigger struggle because everything was wet. I took the concentrate and  made several glasses of coffee and each time I got a lot of sediment in it. I am not sure if this is from the ground I used (course).  The sediment was pretty significant.

There is a bit of effort to put into cold brewing your coffee. Unlike drip coffee where you can push a button this takes time to plan, setup and brew. The flavor is awesome, but some people may argue that the flavor is not worth the time.

The Bod Cold Brew Coffee Maker


If you love iced coffee and even more cold brew, then this is a great buy. Its a fantastic design that you just need to take slow and double check your seals. It is easily cleaned and the ability to rebrew saves you money. Other systems are messy, and difficult to do or cost you over $100.

If you want your coffee and want it now, like your kids screaming for the toys in Target, then this simply isn’t for you. You need some self control and a nasty Keurig.

If you like bold fresh roasted coffee then you need The Seabag Locker. Not only is it good, it is a real pound of coffee not the ripoff 12 ounces.

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