Colt AMRAM 1200 Flashlight

Colt AMRAM 1200 Flashlight

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Martin Luther King Jr said “Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.” Such amazing words from an amazing man. I use this quote when I hear people say stereotypical thing about others based on their race, religion, sex or age. People ask how will the future be better, and this quote sums it up. Darkness cannot drive out darkness. Hate, cannot drive out hate. 

Try A New Light

While I love this quote from Dr. King, it is true that darkness cannot drive out darkness. Both in a physical sense and spiritual sense. 

I enjoy hunting and the outdoors quite a bit. One thing about huntingis that you have to be out pretty early to get in your stand before the deer start moving. This allows time for your scent to dissipate and gives you an advantage. Getting into the tree stand at 5 or 5:30 am requires you to navigate through the woods in the dark, which is not an easy task. 

Colt Lights 1200 AMRAM Peacemaker

Using a light that is both lightweight enough for the hike in and powerful enough to allow you to see and navigate with is critical to a hunter’s supply bag. It’s even more critical if you are hunting in the evening where your killing shot may be right at dark. That means you will need your light to dress your animal properly. 

I have always used a Maglight as my primary torch and keep a small tactical one in my pocket just in case. It is important to make sure your batteries are good before heading in. I like the tactical ones because they are very durable and small enough to carry comfortably.

Colt AMRAM 1200

The Colt AMRAM 1200 is a tactical light that is smaller and lighter weight than a typical mag light which sports 2-4 C or D cell batteries. The AMRAM uses CR123 batteries and comes with a set out of the box. 
Colt utilizes five operating modes including strobe effect (useless for hunting) and two switches. The quality is top notch and includes a glass lens instead of the typical plastic ones. The light is long gun mountable meaning you are able to put it on your Home Defense AR. 

This Flashlights Shines in Home Defense

While the Flashlight does well in the hunting and outdoor sports arena, it really shines as a home defense weapon. Whether or not you attach it to your weapon, the 1200 Lumen output is enough to blind any  intruder in the middle of the night. 

Colt Lights 1200 AMRAM Peacemaker

As a comparison, the LED Mag light 3 D Cell battery light operates with  131 Lumens. The AMRAM is almost 10 times as intense. It is built to be shock proof making it a weapon itself. It is rated as IPX7 meaning it can be submerged in up to 1 Meter of water for 30 minutes and function normally. 

My Reactions

I have owned several different tactical flashlights and utility lights. Each one brighter than the next. I have never seen a light as awesome as the AMRAM 1200 Peacemaker. It has varying brightness levels is tough and waterproof. I took it outside to test and was able to shine it on a neighbor 5 houses down without issue… well he wasn’t too happy with the brightness of it. I will keep this readily available in my bug out bag ready to go at the first sign of trouble.

A True Tactical Flashlight

Whether you are protecting your home, heading to the stand or out patrolling the street, this Colt AMRAM 1200 gets the job done. It is a true tactical flashlight that is able to fit in any bag and adaptable to all situations. The narrow grip allows for a tight hold, while still being lightweight, powerful, and mountable. 

The beam is able to reach out to 500 meters and the battery life is unprecedented at up to 12 hours. I have never encountered such an incredible light in its size.  

So if you are ready to light up the night, click this link and enter promo code AWESOMEDADGEAR and get up to 20% off your purchase of a Colt Light. 

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