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I know a lot of posts have been about the Bullet Journal over the last few days. I understand that a lot of you may not even care about this. But it has been on my mind so here I am writing about it. So I just started this last week, and already am thrilled with it, as you can tell. I started very simply as mentioned in my other posts. Visit Bullet Journal: Productivity god? and Panda Planner for more information on the journal and panda planners.

Start Simple

So I like to think I am creative, but in reality I am not. And whether you are creative or not, you want to do this: Start Simple. Simplicity is your friend while learning how to do it and set it up. In fact if you have a few notebooks laying around run a test journal or two so you can figure out what you want to do. Remember the BuJo is all about you and what works for you.

I started with the simple layout shown by and it got me on the right track. Then I saw all the women who seem to have taken over the BuJo (I have only found one other male that is actively working the process) and saw how exuberant they got theirs. I liked the pop of color, I liked the creative headers, but my handwriting sucks so, I am slowly working to better looking headers and adding color in mine. I am not planning on making it all floral and bright pinks and greens, ugh. Maybe camo!


It is okay to change your mind. This is your planner, do what works for you! If one week doesn’t work out and you need to plan a few days in advance, then change how you do things. If it turns out that doesn’t work well, then go to something else. The bread and butter of this process is that it evolves with you how you want it too. As you get comfortable with the process, you will likely add some color, different thickness of pens, and even STICKERS!!! (probably not stickers).


Take a step back and look at what you have designed. Something simple and minimalist will absolutely get the job done, especially if your life is already overly complex. But if you notice you need more trackers, lists, groups, threads, and any other buzzwords with BuJo don’t be afraid of trying them out. Like I have said a million times, this is your planner, do what works for you!

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