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If you are one of the majority of men out there who really dont want to carry around a stylish diaper bag that your wife bought, consider something like this, The Eddie Bauer Diaper Backpack. This diaper bag is one that looks like a regular backpack that dad may be sporting around, but is loaded with features that every dad needs.


This backpack is available at major retailers such as Target for about $50. Not too bad considering diaperbags can get very expensive very quickly. This one sports a side wipe dispenser, insulated pockets, a wetbag, and changing pad. Not to mention it is loaded with additional pockets, some magnetic some zippered. I got this and it was a real lifesaver when running errands or anything else that requires one hand to be on the kid and the other to be pushing a cart, stroller or holding something. Having the bag ont he back keeps it from swinging down and smashing your little one right in the face… trust me, normal diaperbags have this problem with dads.


The Good:
Eddie Bauer has priced this one right. The price being around $50 seems reasonable considering some of the other options out there. The number of pockets is almost excessive but they definitely come in handy once you start adding in all the diapers, toys, blankets, changes of clothes, and anything else you may need to carry with you.


The Bad
While this is Eddie Bauer, the build doesn’t seem very durable. It is a light canvas exterior and a plastic inside. It would make it fairly easy to clean but is that cheap quality that an elementary school backpack may be. The quality of the build shouldn’t be an issue though if you are not doing major hiking and trail riding with it.

I wouldn’t buy this bag again but would still recommend it for those who are extremely cost conscious. The price point makes it a very afforadble bag and it looks nice too. The quality isn’t sweeping me off my feet but overall, it is a worthy low cost contender. Go out and check it out today!

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