Father’s Day Gift Guide 2018

Father’s Day Gift Guide 2018

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Fathers day 2018

With Mother’s day behind us and Memorial day on the horizon, it is time to think about father’s day! Below we will highlight some of our favorite gear for dad this year, and link to our reviews and where to buy them. Mother’s and Father’s day seems like a hallmark holiday, but in reality it is a day to celebrate how much time and effort goes into your kids. I personally think of it as a day of reflection on how much life has changed for the better, and look towards the future and how we as parents plan on succeeding.

The New Or Expecting Dad

You are bound to know a new dad, or dad to be and this is a great opportunity to spoil them with something that they can really use and love. My recommendations for top new dad gear would be the Mission Critical Baby Carrier or High Speed Daddy bag. Both are fantastic items and the High Speed Daddy bag is a veteran owned small business (always a good cause).

Link to Mission Critical Review >> Mission Critical Baby Carrier

Mission Critical Tactical baby carrier review Dad gear reviewsBaby wearing has been done for generations, and it is a great experience to bond with your child. Dad’s often do not take part in the baby wearing endeavors because it looks too feminine. While most carriers do, the Mission Critical has done well at setting itself apart from the competition and truly carving a niche.





Link to High Speed Daddy Bag Review >> HSD Daddy Bag

High Speed Daddy Tactical Diaperbag Backpack


I have seen some very pretty diaper bags. None prettier than the High Speed Daddy bag though. Check out our full review of this amazing tactical backpack that can double as your daily work carry, range bag, or just about anything else. Perfect for whatever poop is thrown your way.




If the expecting father still has some time left before his wife is due, then you may consider a different approach and go with some fatherly advice. This book series has been phenomenal for information about what happens with the mother at each point in the pregnancy as well as what dad is feeling. This is one of the best parenting book series I have read. You can get the expecting father and the new father on amazon here:

Dads of Toddlers

I have a toddler currently and it is by far one of the greatest experiences of my life. While being a dad of the little hellion that we all know 2 year olds to be, there are some items that are amazing for dads in this area. You have likely been so busy that your hobbies and friends have been put on hold. A great gift would be a weekend that allows dad to partake in his hobby whether that is able to include the child or not.

Many dads like hiking, and a new hiking pack may be in order. A small day pack is a great gift idea and I took mine to iceland last fall. I like the Mission Critical Rolltop backpack. While it isn’t a specific hiking bag it works great for day trips, or even an outing with the family. While this pack doesn’t work with all the Mission Critical accessories, it is still worth looking into.

Link to our review >>>>>  Mission Critical Roll Top Backpack

Fjadrargljufur Canyon Mission Critical Rolltop bag IcelandThis pack is a great lightweight backpack that will assist you on just about any adventure. Day trips would probably be best, but for trips without a ton of gear, this would be good too. It is important to note, that the pack is not waterproof, but does repel it in a light mist. Heavy rain and submersion will cause everything inside to get wet.


Liberty Bottleworks Water Bottle KidsIf you are looking for something a little more customized, and cheaper check out a liberty bottleworks reusable water bottle. These are fantastic water bottles and have hundreds of designs. Perfect for the office, car, or the trail. I love mine, and am looking at getting a second one.

Link to our review >>>>> Liberty Bottleworks Water Bottle


Working Dads

Bambook Sunglasses Fathers Day GiftAs a working dad, I have to spend time in the office. I understand that not all dads are desk surfers like I am, but all dad’s need to look sharp from time to time. And everybody needs to put their safety and protection at the top of their list. With that and summer time fast approaching, I do recommend a good pair of sunglasses. It seems that the Bamboo sunglasses are trending this year and I have found these warrior Bamboo Sunglasses to be quite good. I do not have a review of them but would recommend them.

Working dads often (not always) need to be well groomed. It is a matter of pride to be able to tame a beard and a head full of hair, if you can. And the opposite is true too, some men can rock a shaved head and others (like myself with my big wrinkly head) would never be able to do it. It is important to have great grooming products on hand and a working dad would appreciate the fresh scent that Wet Shaving Products, or Dr. Squatch brings to the game. Dr. Squatch even offers a “soap scription” and you get monthly deliveries to your door.

Link to our review >>> Wet Shaving Products

Link to our review >>> Dr. Squatch Men’s Soap

But why stop at the beard? Why not tame the entire body with something truly awesome… The manscaping perfect package!

Manscaped Ball Deodorant Manscaping GroomingI have the perfect package (and the Manscaped perfect package as well) and I must say it is hilarious and by far some of the best men’s grooming products on the planet. Their products exceeded my expectations and left myself feeling cleaner and more confident than ever before. You can even tat 15% off you order with the promo code NEW15

Link to our review >>> Manscaped Perfect Package


Of course I have to plug at least one more thing. whether you are an expecting dad, new dad, experienced dad, working dad, or stay at home dad. It is important to know that it is the little things in life that make life worth living. It is also little things that can beat us down. Understand that we as dads and men are not beyond depression (read my blog post on depression) and we must stay above it.

One way is to manage our stress effectively. The method I use for this which seems to be the most effective is to bullet journal. The bullet journal is an analog note and planning system that can adapt to your situations I would recommend it to anyone. This is a book I wrote on the subject of bullet journaling if you wish to check it out.

Dads with kids who play sports

Pocket Radar Ball Coach Baseball Softball ScholarshipYour son is in little league, or on a highschool baseball team. Your daughter plays softball. They really enjoy playing the game and even expressed scholarship potential. You may want to look at getting the Ball Coach by Pocket Radar. This handheld device will help set a baseline for your childs pitches, throws, hits, serves, passes and anything else you do with a ball. You use that baseline to grow and enhance your game. You can help your child be ready for the scouts and set them on a path that will pay for their college and possible move them on to professional sports. Check out our full review of the Pocket Radar Ball Coach



This is by far an incomplete list of items. I would encourage you to look around our site and read some of the reviews we have posted. Also head over to our site https://awesomedadstyle.com to get some clothing for dad. Be sure to visit our Health and the Dad Bod section for healthy tips and reviews of gear that will help prevent or remove the dad belly. We are looking to partner with some companies to review home gym equipment as well as some grilling gear to expand to other areas that interest dads.

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