Fobbles: Fog Filled Bubbles

Fobbles: Fog Filled Bubbles

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I know what you’re doing… You are sitting there reading the title of this review and thinking What the heck are Fobbles?  I get it. I was right there too when I saw the ad for the machine. Fobbles are fog-filled bubbles. Doesn’t sound like much. I assure your it is quite enjoyable.

Fog Bubble Party!

My son is at the point when just about anything is amazing. But when you get grown adults amazed by bubbles that is something else. We have heard of fog machines, and bubble machines. The next step for evolution is obviously Fog Bubbles. 

I was a bit skeptical when I got the machine. Why would anyone buy this? Once I got it filled with the bubble and fog fluid, I realized how fun it is. 

We had my son’s birthday party a few weeks ago and I wish that we could have had the Fobbles machine there. It really would make a great enhancement to any kids party, Halloween party or just something for fun. 

How Does The Fobbles Machine Work?

The machine is quite interesting. It is the combination of a fog and bubble machine. The rear reservoir holds the container of fog juice and the front holds the bubble liquid. Turn on the switches and at the same time the fog begins to spray out the front through the spinning bubble wands thus filling hundreds of bubbles with fog. 

The unit takes a moment to heat up and does get pretty warm, so watch the little ones around it. The bubbles and fog are non-toxic (phew) and biodegradable. 

The Machine is easy to operated. Fill the front bubbles and the back with fog juice. Turn on the power switch and turn on the bubble wand, fan and fog using the three rocker switches on the side. Voila! Fog Bubbles. 


Foggy Fun For The Family

The great thing about the Fobbles Machines, is that everyone will love it. Including the dog. We turned it on outside first to see how it would work. The dos went nuts over it. My one golden, who is a bit lazy to be honest, went into full puppy mode when the bubbles started blowing everywhere. It gave her a much needed workout. 

The bubbles pop with a puff of smoke making it irresistible to any passers by. 

Foggy Experience

I took the machine out of the box and plugged it in. You should read the instructions to make sure that you know how it operates. The buttons lit up but nothing happened. Concerned, I pulled the fuse and checked all connections. The remote didn’t light up but the power switch was still illuminated. 

It took a few minutes but just when I was about to unplug it an call the company the machine sputtered to life, the dogs jumped and my son screamed. 

Yeah the machine was a little loud at first, especially when we were not expecting it to even turn on. But once on it was great fun. We played with it for about 2 hours on the Fourth of July

Use Case?

The question you may have is, what would I use it for? 

  1. Birthday Parties
  2. Parties in general
  3. Halloween
  4. School functions
  5. Weddings
  6. Receptions
  7. Dances
  8. Corporate events

I could easily see these being used in a variety of functions to create a unique ambiance. 

Where To Buy?

You can also get it on amazon 

Be sure to check out for more information. 

Please let me know what you think and what you would do with the machine in the comments below! 

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  1. Msteequeology

    I have never heard of this but it is actually a pretty cool idea. I know my girls and the pup would love it!

    1. Dad

      Our dogs love it too! Great for photography!

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