Free Your Foot Movement – Armored Socks

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Free your Foot – armored socks

There are several movements out there to try and bring being barefoot back. From the skull shoes (the toe hiking shoes) to these toe socks. I looked at these socks first a few months ago and thought that they would be great for camping or hiking or walking on a rugged beach with all kinds of gravel,… Maybe.

Overview: fyf

So what are these things? They are socks that are made of  DYNEEMA… Whatever that is. (Its a fiber that is said to be the worlds strongest fiber). They have elastic seams and silicon dots on the bottom to make sure they stay snug and give you adequate traction. The company says they are supposed to be for whatever sport you would could normally do barefoot.  So I took them for a test drive.

The Good: armored socks

They certainly seem strong. The fibers are rugged and held up to a mile walk on asphalt. While my feet didn’t feel too good, since there is no padding int these. While they say that they are designed to do any sport that you could do barefoot, doesn’t mean you should. They would be good for water sports, the extra grip may be useful for surfing or boarding and the fibers would provide additional protection against sliding on rocks and slicing your feet. The most apt application is walking on the beach that is a little more rugged with lots of small gravel. But this could still hurt.

THe Bad: toe socks

They are priced at $80. Thats a bit steep for a pair of socks. Granted these are the special armored socks that allow you to do  whatever you could do barefoot… Expect walk on pointy objects. In my tests I walked across my gravel driveway. I may be a wuss, but the pointy stones in the gravel hurt just as bad, as if I was barefoot. While the fibers may be stronger than steel, They still can be penetrated, so the protection is only from slicing and not stabbing. (NOTE: DO NOT STAB YOUR FEET WITH A KNIFE, IT WILL STILL HURT YOU!) No, I did not try that. The fit is not very snug. They have a few different sizes that fit a range of shoe sizes. While my feet are size 12 US, my toes are not very long and don’t fill out the toes on the socks, They may have been better to just make regular armored socks, rather than armored toe socks. Speaking of toe socks, these armored variants, take me back to high school when toe socks were in fashion and made everyone cringe. These will be great to embarrass the kid at social gathering.


I myself don’t have much use for them. When we go to the local beach, I just go barefoot. I suppose that I could wear these but there isn’t much point on it. When I go camping they may be a good choice for walking around the campsite so long as it isn’t too rocky. I am going to keep this pair to have them. I will continue to try them in different areas.  I can only recommend these if you are  doing a lot of activities outdoors barefoot, and need just a little extra protection. Me, I don’t need them. I have shoes.



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