Gear Pods: Modular Survival Kit

Gear Pods: Modular Survival Kit

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Gear Pods

So I don’t usually subscribe to the conspiracy theories out there. But I have listened to a bunch of people ramble on about them and many are very convincing. A few years ago there was a theory of marshal law and the collapse of society being imminent. Yes, I know it sounds crazy, but right after the 2008 housing collapse it seemed within the realm of possibilities. That was when I bought my gear pods.

So what is a gear pod? It is a modular survival kit that serves as a quick and easy way to store all of your necessities in a small, lightweight, waterproof container.


Gear Pods have several varieties available from individual pods, to a collection, I personally bought the wilderness collection which comes with the stove, medical kit, shelter, carrying sleeve, Ka-bar knife and saw. It all weighs about a pound and is roughly 16 inches when fully stacked and packed in the carrying case. The containers are air tight and can hold water or other necessities when empty. The stove comes with the stand, two fire starter cubes, and a mug,

The shelter pod comes with nylon rope, and canvas to build a shelter in a pinch. It is not meant for a long term shelter, but rather an emergency shelter to stay out of the rain. The medical kit, has everything you need to handle basic first aid treatment. Remember to swap the medicines periodically as they do expire.

The Good:

The system is very easy to carry with you, or keep in a vehicle just in case. They are a great accessory when backpacking, or hiking. You could use some of the pods in place of normal camping gear and save space and weight. The kit itself is waterproof and can fit almost anywhere a plastic bottle can. The carrying case can easily be attached to packs. There are some extras such as a signal whistle and sewing kit.

This is a great pack item for if you are hunting far out in the wilderness to ensure you are fully prepared for whatever comes your way.

The Bad:

While it is an intriguing system that really serves its purpose, it is designed for a single person. If you have a multi person party, each person needs to bring their own survival kit. I guess it is survival of the fittest. Packing the items back into the modular system takes some getting used to. Unpacking takes seconds and you could easily have a fire going, and shelter up within 5 minutes.


I think that anyone who spends time in the woods needs to have a survival kit. Really anyone at home should have one too. In the event of a natural disaster, this small kit could save your life. You should seriously consider having this or another survival kit in your possession. Head over to our store to get yours.

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  1. Kyle Grey

    I have actually never had a gear-pod before but after this review, I will definitely pick one up. Super convenient and saves space.

  2. Jimmy Willson

    Thanks for you honest review. I am thinking to buy a new survival kit soon. May be I will consider this gear pod.

    1. Dad

      I believe the company recently went out of business. There may be a few remnant pods around but they may be hard to find now. Though what you find may be a good deal. I’d be Interested in knowing what you find out.

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