Grinds Coffee Pouches

Grinds Coffee Pouches

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Grinds: Coffee Pouch

Your health is important. Not only to you, but your family and especially your kids. In order to be dad, you have to be around and healthy. Tobacco is a major addiction in the world and parents are subjecting themselves to nicotine to get a high while endangering their lives. Grinds is here to fix that with their unique coffee pouch.


Grinds debuted on shark tank as a safe alternative to snus, dip, or tobacco. It looks like tobacco, it feels like tobacco, but it is

coffee. Coffee grinds packaged in small pouches that the user sticks between their gums and their teeth…. genius. One major problem with smoking, or doing dip is the oral fixation that comes with it. Because of the action of putting the cigarette, or snus pouch to the user’s mouth, their bodies are condition to correlate the action with the release of nicotine. Quitting is hard enough by not getting the nicotine, but removing the oral stimulus is even harder.

Grinds solves this problem by replacing the nicotine with caffeine and replaces the oral fixation with a product similar in size shape and texture, right down to the packaging.

Does grinds work?

The big question, is does it work. I am a little skeptical so I showed my dad it, he promptly ordered several cans. He said that it compares very closely to snus down to the price. He purchases his tobacco online and can get it for around $4 a can. The grinds is competitively priced making an easy financial switch. He liked the flavors and said they were very close to what the snus flavor was.

How long does each grinds packet last?

Each coffee pouch lasts (depending on flavor) up to an hour and a half, which is about what the tobacco counterpart was.

How does it feel?

It feels identical to its tobacco counterpart

Head to head comparison

So this is coming from my dad. He said that the texture and feel was near identical to the tobacco, but still found himself moving toward  his snus cans if he had them. He had to instead leave the cans at home or throw them out and replace them with the grinds. Using the grinds satisfied his cravings and the habit of using the tobacco packets. He has used them for a few days and has had good results with them. He said that he will work on quitting the snus and use the grinds as an alternative and feels that it may be a real possibility. His favorite flavor is the Irish Cream, and is to die for.

I followed up with him and he said that time would tell. The short time that he has been using the grinds has been inconclusive but he feels that it could help if he completely stops using the snus. For now it is a nice snack in between snus packets. So the key is to completely replace the snus with grinds.

The Good:

Grinds are an alternative to tobacco, which means it  is a product that could help people quit using tobacco which is known to cause mouth and other types of cancer. Additionally, they are competitively priced meaning that users do not have to forkout additional funds on some magical potion that may or may not work. They allow the user to break the use of tobacco by simulating all other habits associated with it, including the cans, pouches and even labels.

The Bad:

The problem is that with anything addictive, the addict has to want to quit. If they do not want to quit, it will not happen.


I feel that anyone who has an addiction to dip or snus should try this, at least once. It is important to be around for your kids and not teach them poor behaviors like smoking or dipping. There are other products on the market, mostly herbal. The coffee pouches that grinds offers are for sale on their website ,  or on our store. I would recommend a sampler pack to start to find which flavors you like.


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