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I had a Nexus 5x on Project Fi last year, and the device was great… Until it upgraded to android 7.1.1. After a few weeks of the latest flavor of android, it decided to take a crap and go into a boot loop. Upon investigation, this was happening (and still is) to thousands of users. So I had to purchase a new phone for work.

I decided to go with a Pixel. The pixel is another google phone that is supposedly designed and built by google. No more LG or Huewai back end problems. It boasts a 5 inch AMOLED display (the XL is 5.5 inch) 2770 MAh battery built in, 64 bit quad core processor, upgraded finger print reader and enhanced camera with 12.3 MP. Though its hard to find now, you can get it on amazon.

Check out the full list of specs here

The phone is supposed to be a powerhouse and it generally is. I am definitely a power user as I am in IT and constantly on my phone for calls, email, or internet research.

The Pixel is a gorgeous design, similar to the iPhone but unique in its own ways without a physical button and the fingerprint reader on the rear. Now for the good stuff:

Upon first use, it felt sturdy and light. Much smaller than my previous 6P and about the same size as the 5X. I waited a few days as the first couple you typically burn through battery playing with the phone’s features. Now I can easliy get through a day with about 5% battery by 9 pm. Now sometimes on extremely heavy use days I would have to plug it in the car or at work.

The microphone and speakers are clear and the best feature physically is the quick charging, offering about 7 hours additional time with only 15 min of charge.

The good:

The phone easily fits in my hand and feels light but sturdy. A lifeproof case is offered for this phone and adds some bulk, but not too much. The volume buttons are again in the wrong place for a car mount. The car mount will always push the volume down button. The touchscreen is very responsive and snappy. Occasionally when there are a bunch of apps open, the phone will freeze in tetris or some other graphics intensive game. The camera offers 4K video and of course unlimited photo storage with Google Drive. The screen is very clear and crisp and photos are generally very good. Google assistant is okay. I am not a fan of the digital assistants as I have really no use for them, but the hidden easter eggs are always fun. I am running the phone on Project Fi, which is an awesome service I must add, and have experienced one or two calls that just drop without notification. I am not sure if these were becasue of the phone or the service provider so I am not removing points for that.

The bad:

The price is simply outrageous. $700 for a 128GB storage capacity there is no option for 16GB or 64GB. While this is a nice package, the $400 increase from the original price point of the Nexus 5X is not worth it. The upgrade is nice if you have to have the new shiny toy but other than that there isnt much to go on. Of course without an SD card slot, the memory is not expandable but with the unlimited Google Drive storage that isnt a problem, as long as you are okay with Google having all of your photos stored on their servers.

Overall Verdict:

While the phone is attactive and powerful the price doesn’t quite justify it, especially with the bootloops plaguing the 5x’s and some 6p’s. If this phone was to be hit with an issue and you did not purchase the “Nexus Protect” or whatever it is called now for $5 a month and a $100 deductible, you will have to shell out another $400-$700 for a replacement if something happens to it.

I give the Google Pixel Phone 4 out of 5 because of price. It is still a great phone and if you are in need of one this will meet your needs. If you are just looking to get away from the Nexus 5X you may want to look at your options. (If you are on Project Fi like I am your options are the 6P or Pixel so have fun)

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