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If you are a parent chances are you own a Graco product. They make high quality car seats and strollers of all shapes and sizes. We have been through three or four stroller systems in the last year. Mainly because we couldn’t find one we liked. We had the baby carrier bucket seat that clips into the base within the car and in the stroller first. But it was awkward to carry the boy around in it once he started gaining weight. We opted to put him in the stroller, but it was just too big and clunky to take everywhere with us. We swapped for a used smaller one which was great but ultimately couldn’t fold well to fit in the car with two golden retrievers, a baby, me and the queen. So we are on number four.

What happened to number 3? We got it home, put it together, and promptly returned it to Target. No harm no foul. Just wasn’t for us. So we got this Graco Modes 3 stroller . The stroller took about 8 minutes to put together, if that.


The Modes 3 stroller can accept the bucket carrier thingy for small babies, or toddlers, but the bucket was sold separately for ours. The seat is adjustable to sit up or lay down. It has no cross bar tray but does have cup holders which are essential to for goldfish. The seat can be reversed to the kid can watch you chauffeur him or her around. The hood is large enough to block the sun or rain and protect them from the elements. Its three wheel design allows for high maneuverability and easy to push one handed. (Coffee is a must in the other hand for the first year of dealing with children).

The Good:

The three wheel design is what we were looking for. We needed to be able to push and steer with one hand because of our coffee addiction and for when we walk with the golden retrievers. It folds up easily and nicely to fit into smaller spaces. The boy fits nicely in it, though he does need to grow a little. You can get the entire travel system with the baby carrier for while the kid is tiny… we don’t need that feature (our boy is getting big fast). There are locks on the rear wheels and on the front swivel wheel.

The bad:

The wheels are plastic and wear quickly, but almost any stroller will have this problem in today’s day and age. The folding webbed strap can’t be pulled on too hard or it will come loose… I found that out the hard way. It was easily fixed, but nonetheless something to note. To unfold you simply have to lift the lever lock on the side. That took me a few minutes to figure out and I figured it out after breaking loose the webbed strap trying to unlock it that way.


I would highly recommend this stroller. It is a perfect system and fits perfectly into our life. We met another couple as we were loading up the box in the parking lot of Babies R Us and they had the exact same one. They were absolutely right in that we love every minute of it. Rotating the seat is great for when we are shopping and its lunch time. If you are in the market for a stroller, I recommend you give the modes 3 a try.

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