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Every person in this amazing country that we call America has the freedom that they do because another person has fought for it. The world would not be the place it is today without American intervention in WW2. They call that generation the greatest generation and I can seriously see why.

I had the privilege to speak with several family members who lived through the era and their ideals are so different than the current generation. our freedom has been tested over the years and most recently been tested internally by our own people. I for one thank God for our military and their families for what they give up so that we can live in peace and freedom.

I mention their families because the families have to fight and sacrifice as much as the service men and women, yet are left out of the thoughts and prayers many times. This extends to the police force as well, those patrolling our streets at home to keep our people safe. I want to say thank you. Each and everyone of you that puts your life on the line for our safety and freedom. Thank you for your service at home and abroad.

To the Medics and firefighters at home. You also put your lives on the line to save product and property here at home. You are a great service to the citizens at home and we are all eternally grateful for your service as well. Because of all of you my son gets to grow up in a free (albeit scary sometimes) country. We get to have protection at home and from rogue nation’s.

My son will know that his family respects those servicemen and women and I pray that he will have that same respect and admiration. I have no clue what my son will grow up to be, but if he decides in a military, police, medic or firefighter career, he will always have my respect. I know some parents who would get upset if their child decided to go into service like that, but I would count it an honor.

Being dad means being grateful for what has been given for and to you.

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