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Sometimes things happen in our lives and we aren’t ready for them. In fact most people take a reactionary approach to life. As life punches, they counter-punch. That is ineffective. High Speed is a military term that means that someone is so prepared that they are able to react nearly instantaneously. As a father, we have to be high speed. Dad, you have to stop being reactive. Reacting to the influences on your life will keep you down. You will constantly be fighting off a barrage that the world will not stop sending your way.

Instead, you have to prepare to be the husband your wife deserves, the father your child deserves, and the provider your family deserves. I’m not here to argue the man’s role in the family, but I believe that he is the head of the household and provides for the family. As a note, if the father is out of the picture, the mother has to fill in on both her role and his role.

Dad’s, do not put your wives in that situation!

So the question is, how do you prepare for fatherhood?

There is no perfect prep for fatherhood. It is mostly OJT (On the Job Training). But as with anything you want to learn, start hanging out with men who you know are good fathers. Hang out with your own father, and ask him questions. Even if your dad wasn’t a particularly good one, you have an example to keep in your mind of what not to do.

You can also read. Grab every book on fatherhood, parenting, and leadership you can stand to read. Turn off the tube and read a little.

Spend time in the Bible. The entire book is on fatherhood. God the father, Book of Proverbs, the story of Abraham and Issac, the Gospels. All through it are examples of how to be a better father, and man.

Finally, prepare. Navy SEALs are not able to react in nano seconds with the utmost precision by chance. They have trained, practiced and prepared for every circumstance  that could potentially occur. As a dad you need to think about your future, your role in the family, and how you will fight to keep that role and position when the time comes. Your kid will have encounters with drugs, alcohol, and other issues that all teenagers deal with. How will you prepare to meed those encounters head on?

You know many situations that could arise, are you ready to react in a positive way to present the best outcome for your children and family. If not, it is time that you start preparing.

Being dad, means being prepared to react in a nano second.

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