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 Ink & Volt Planner

It is a new year and time to reflect on your goals. Where were you a year ago, and what have you accomplished. If you are like me, you may look at it and think where did the time go, and what did I actually accomplish? For most of us, it isn’t much. I managed to switch jobs (again), upgraded my car, and traveled internationally for the first time. Big things happened but bigger things could have. I discovered Bullet Journaling (you can read my review here or check out my book here) I have really enjoyed Bullet Journaling, but that doesn’t mean it is the only way to do it. So, do you want to crush goals, and make a difference, but don’t want to have to design it yourself? This may be your answer.

Ink & Volt

Ink & Volt is a company that I stumbled upon. They don’t seem to be very large, yet have a very well designed website and good ads throughout Facebook. I ended up getting a 2018 Planner and decided to give it a whirl. I put the bullet journal down for now, and may pick it back up here shortly who knows, to focus on the Ink & Volt planner.

This planner is pre-dated and supplies its user with the full year ready to go. Each year, month and week are setup to help you crush your goals. There are annual goals followed by weekly goals. This design is one that I implement in the Bullet Journal and it is fantastic at meeting and exceeding your full potential. The planner is a hardback and thread bound so it lays flat. It also uses heavier acid-free paper than standard planners allowing for less bleed through with markers.

What is different

Ink And Volt Planner Bullet Journals ProductiveThere are a ton of planners on the market right now. It seems that productivity planners are a bubble and they are absolutely everywhere. Why on earth should you purchase one of the Ink & Volt planners over any other ones? Well I can’t tell you that. What I can tell you is that this planner is designed differently. Other planners I use focus on too many places to actually create productivity. This one however, focuses on one thing, your goals. Everything is designed around you meeting and exceeding them.

There is a 30-day challenge at the beginning of each month, this is used to jump start you on your goals for the year. My starting challenge for January 2018 is to be more positive. I am a negative/realistic person when it comes to most things, and I have been using this challenge to help change that. Being positive will change my relationships, my career, and my life starting with 31 days. With the challenge, there is an area for the reason you want to do the challenge, an action plan, and then a signature… That’s right, it is a contract to yourself (a very nice touch)!

Each week has a writing prompt that is supposed to get your mind in gear for that week. Also, included in the week, is a reflection area for you to look back at the previous week and determine how it went and what could have gone better.

The GOod

Ink and VoltThe planner is of the highest quality material. It includes heavy, ink proof, acid-free paper with a design built to help you crush your goals. There is some flexibility with dot matrix writing areas for notes or whatever you want, but not as much as some people need. It also has the rigidity of a standard planner with pre-filled dates and specified writing prompts. The reflection area is a fantastic addition. Reflecting on a previous week, month or year will help each person to remain focused on their goals and know how close they are to achieving them.

The Bad

The planner has a great design and made with the highest of quality materials. It still seems like something that I could easily do in my Bullet Journal, if I want to. It is not nearly as overkill as some of the planners on the market, but some areas are a bit rich with content. The note areas are a bit small.


If you don’t need to cross reference notes, events, and lists then this would be a great choice for you. I will continue to use it for a few weeks, maybe a month and see how things go with it. I will update this review if my review changes of course. You can purchase your own Ink and Volt Planner here. If you are interested in Bullet Journaling, check out my Bullet Journal for dad post. You can also check out our review of the panda planner.


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