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So we have all heard of Dr. Dre’s Beats headphones and ear buds. They are expensive products that are supposed to have some of the best audio quality out there. I was told about the Jaybird X2 and Freedom buds. The X2 are the old version so I decided to try out the X3.

Here is the webpage to check out

First impressions:

The box was a good design and the product was easy to get out but took a little intuition to assemble. Rather than having over the ear sport attachments, the Jaybird have the inside the ear attachments to hold them in place. They had two different bud attachments, one silicone and one foam. The foam are memory foam and are meant for noise cancellation. They work very well.

I got them to workout with and generally they are pretty good.

The Good:

So the build quality is good. The battery will last a long time on talk, supposed to last 8 hours with music, but they don’t quite meet that. The charge time is fairly quick going from an empty battery to full in about an hour max. The pairing came easily and works well. You are able to pair them with a few devices at once which is quite handy. I can use them for my Playstation 4, Phone, and laptop with easy. Switching between them seamlessly (usually). Occasionally, there are difficulties having the buds determine where I am getting the music or sounds from. They have a mic built in so you can easily go from streaming music, to talking on the phone, back to music again.

The bad:

These days, it seems everything has their own proprietary chargers. Fitbit, Microsoft Band, and these headsets. Rather than using a standard micro usb charger as my cheap $20 headset does, these use a proprietary charger that if you lose, you have to dish out another $20 to be able to use your headset. The location of the mic and audio controls makes them a little heavy on one side and they tend to slide to one side of my neck. I put them around the back of my neck and often they end up dangling down the right side. That is okay, until I turn my head and the bud pulls out of my left ear. Getting the buds fixed in your ear with the memory foam is also a hassle. They like to expand too quickly so it isn’t a good fit, or not quickly enough so you have to hold them in. I have had quite a bit of dropped connection while listening to music and the audio quality of the phone calls was not as good as I was expecting. The price tag of $129 isn’t terrible, except with this list of problems.

Overall Rating:

I have to give these 2 stars. I would not buy them again. The price doesn’t justify the quality. My $20 Bluetooth ear buds stay in better, and have better audio quality over these jaybirds. Being my first pair it may be possible that I got a lemon, or that the X2 were better. But as for this pair… get them at your own risk. I would recommend this product for those just looking to blow some money.


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