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Liberty Bottleworks

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Liberty Bottleworks

Some of you may have figured out that I am an American Patriot. I take pride in my country and want the best for it. I feel that purchasing from American companies that make their products in America benefits us. I’m not going to go into the details about why I believe that or my political views. All you need to know is that when I see a made in America sticker, I gravitate towards it. Liberty Bottleworks is just that.

Liberty Bottles

To be frank, I had never heard of liberty bottles and you may not have either. There are so many other players out there in the water bottle industry that sometimes the sheer number of them all is overwhelming. So here is a little bit about them. They are an American company that manufactures their bottle in America. The quality is unmatched. They have a variety of shapes, sizes, and designs. The designs are beautiful and several feature American ideas, such as liberty or death, and the gadsden flag.

Their designs are able to be an extension of your individual personality. A representation of you. You can even design a custom one just for you.

They make metal bottles. Metal bottles contain no harmful chemicals, no BPAs or any other controversial additives. They are not petroleum based and overall are stronger then plastic ones.

Probably best of all is that they give back.

Put some good Karma in your back pocket with a Karma Libetry bottle! Each bottle represents a charity or program that we believe and every bottle that you purchase from the collection we kickback 5% of our profits. -Liberty bottles website

Water bottle for kids

We got a 16 oz bottle for our toddler, and as soon as we gave it to him, he went nuts. He couldn’t put it down. He lugged it all over the house saying “woof” (it has a bear on it but he calls everything a woof). The design is perfect. We call him our baby bear, while I am papa bear and my wife is mama bear. This is a fantastic bottle and has already started to replace the camelback we own.

Water bottle for adults

I have the 24 oz Liberty or Death bottle. I love it. The cap seals on tight and keeps my clumsy self from spilling it all over the place. The design is beautiful and it will replace my Tervis that I use daily. They are light and durable.


The tumbler is brand new. In fact, as of this writing, they are still in kickstarter! It is a double insulated tumbler to help drinks hot or cold longer. The Tumbler has a twist shut spill proof lid that has a seal around it to really keep in or out the heat. It is all 100% American made. Of course is BPA Free, and food grade materials. I have not put it through a test against my yeti tumbler, but I will definitely do that. If you support the kickstarter, Liberty Bottles will provide water bottles to local homeless shelters. A cause worthy of our funds.

The Good


The quality of these bottles is fantastic. I love them completely. The fact that the graphics are so awesome is just on top of
everything else. My Son loves it and that is what matters most. The fact that they are chemical free makes it an easier decision over something like Camelback.

The bad

There are only two bad things I can think of. First, they are not dishwasher safe.  The graphics and coating will surely peel over time with the use of a dishwasher. Their warranty on does not cover damage due to a dishwasher unless that dishwasher is your own two hands. Second, being metal… they dent.  This isn’t really a problem unless you have a 15 month old that enjoys testing gravity. But over all this water bottle is holding up well against a constant barrage of toddler.


What are you waiting for? Go support American workers, American companies, by buying American. The Liberty Bottles are fantastic and are worthy of your hard earned dollars.

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