Manly Bands

Manly Bands

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A wedding band that makes sense

As a man we look to give our wives the best engagement ring we can afford. We also want their wedding rings to be something that they love and enjoy for their lifetime. Sometimes we don’t get something for ourselves simply because we don’t want to spend the money or don’t realize the value in a ring.

I got a wedding ring that was titanium. I was told it was a great buy at $120 and that it wouldn’t scratch and is light as a feather. While the $120 price tag was nice, the ring itself was easily scratched and it took about 4 years for it to be scratched evenly and earn a nice patina. But the quality and build of the ring seemed okay but not something to really brag about.

A Custom Wedding Ring

My wife had surprised me about a year ago with a custom ring made out of elk antler, had rose gold inlaid and walnut in the middle. It is absolutely beautiful piece of jewelry. The issue with the antler, is that it’s brittle. I have to take it off whenever I work with my hands to avoid breaking it. That is a shame because it really is an amazing looking ring.

Manly Bands

Manly Bands is a company that makes various types of men’s wedding rings. They provide high quality rings using the best materials and offer great customer service. 

I ordered a Baller from their website. It arrived very quickly in a brown velvet bag. The Ring Box was made out of a birch branch and is quite an awesome box. The entire package plays into their logo and brand. 

I took the ring out and examined it. Its perfect. The inside has their logo and the material. The outside has a nice finish that has held up against some work with my hands, which included moving heavy paver stones. Overall I am very impressed.

In addition, they included a card that has care instructions for each type of band that they provide, and outline their return policy and exchange policy so you have all the information at your fingertips and don’t have to go searching for their policies throughout clustered webpages. 

A Ring Thats Worth It

I was surprised at the price of the Manly Bands. In fact I was not expecting them to be under $200. So far this ring has been great and is completely worth the price paid for it. I will likely retire my custom band and save it for special occasions that will help preserve the life of the ring.

If you are interested in viewing their selection you can click the button below to visit their website and enter promo code BELLZ15 for 15% off through June 2018

Remember All Rings Ship for Free!  

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