Mission Critical Baby Carrier S02 Echo Kit Review

Mission Critical Baby Carrier S02 Echo Kit Review

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Unless you have been in a black hole, you have seen me talk about the Mission Critical Baby Carrier (now dubbed S.01 or System 01). We have now had an opportunity to try out Mission Critical’s Latest release the System 02 or S.02 which builds upon the S.01 short comings in functionality, but does away with the tactical awesomeness. 

Brief Summary of S.01

For those of you who have not gone back and read the S.01 review, I highly encourage you to do so. The system was a great idea overall. It solved some common problems with carriers and got fathers engaged in ways that other brands simply failed and at. 

Some of the shortfalls of the carrier was the weight distribution of the child as they grew, and there was no way to wear the child on your back which is much easier on the parent as the kid gets bigger. System 01 excels at is the Molle Attachments. Being able to add the pouches and day packs right onto the carrier made going on treks and trips to the store with your kid simple. I was able to go to the store and pack just my carrier and have my small accessory pack with diapers and wipes in the pouch, and a bottle holder with his drink. No need for extra bags to carry around for a short trip out. 

Updated to System 2.0

Mission Critical has been updating their designs over their last few products and been moving away from the military style. They have focused on functionality of this design more on the aesthetics of it which is a good thing. While I loved the look of the S01, after an hour or so, it could become a bit uncomfortable. This version comes in several colors and is available in a few package options. There are added bonuses for your child which makes it fun. 

S02 Echo Kit

The Echo kit is the step right above the baseline. The baseline is simply the carrier by itself. So the Echo kit includes the two different day packs as well. There is a large size day pack  and a small day pack. The large day pack measures 9.1″ x 12.6″ x 6.3″ and the small pack measures 7.5″ x 11″ x 1.6″.  The day pack can be worn independent of the carrier or attached to the carrier. Your child can wear the day pack as well (which is the bonus I mentioned above). 

Build and Quality

The quality is up to the standard that I have come to expect from a mission critical product. They have certainly put a lot of time and consideration designing the carrier. It is an extremely strong lightweight nylon fabric that are reinforced with aerospace-grade aramid fibers that are 5 times stronger than steel according to their website. It is ASTM and JPMA certified.

The Baby Carrier in the DadLife

This is where the rubber meets the road. We often aren’t too kind and other times are very kind. But however we say it we have to be honest with what we say, its only fair to our readers. I loved the System 01 package, and what I loved about it was the look, to be honest. If I was to try and carry a 33 lb kid in the S01 carrier, no way! Now lets start with the look. From a personal standpoint, I don’t like it very much. There are certainly worse ones out there, but I don’t like it very much. The bright colors were a bit out there. The red was okay, I didn’t like the two tone of the black though. Of course that is all personal preference. 

The carrier itself shipped fast, was packaged perfectly as always from Mission Critical. I opened everything and was a bit confused with all the parts until I realized there were two day packs.  Once I realized that one pack was the small one and one was the large, it made sense.  I put the large one on and set the small one to the side. 

My son is quite a bit larger now, than he was when I first had the system 01 carrier. He is approaching 35 pounds and carrying him on the front becomes quite an experience for my back without a counter weight. The system is designed to be able to load a child easily onto your back without the assistance of another adult, however I would advise you practice a few times prior to going it alone. 

Mission Critical System 02 Echo

There are a series of buckles and straps that need to be properly fastened and secured to ensure that your child is safe in the seat and not going to rock out. The instruction manual is well documented and easy to follow. 

Overall, once set up the system is much more comfortable that the original design and a big improvement overall. I love being able to have the option of wearing front or backwards and allowing my son to have a part of the carrier too with the day pack that is a backpack for him. 

Awesome Dad Gear Recommendation:

If you have a carrier already, you don’t necessarily need to go out of your way to purchase an upgrade. If your need a replacement, this is a contender! 

I would not recommend that you purchase this or any carrier if your child is approaching the weight limit… That would not be very prudent. Your child should be walking at that point, unless there is of course special circumstances. 

If you are in the market for a carrier, this would be a great carrier for the money and we would recommend that you get the Echo Kit. Getting something extra for the kid is nice and having the counter weight with the ability to keep diapers, snacks and other necessities on the go while at the zoo and other outings is always nice. 

Head over to the Mission Critical Website and get yours today. 

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