Native Organics Grill Cleaner

Native Organics Grill Cleaner

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Have you ever heard of Native Organics? I surely hadn’t, and neither had my grill. My Weber Kettle is a little over a year old and been very heavily used. I was very excited when I put this grill cleaner on the grill rack.   Almost instantly I noticed the grease begin to melt off. From that moment, I have been hooked.

Native Ogranics is a company that focuses on natural plant-based remedies for household cleaning needs. They have everything from fruit and veggie wash, to oven/grill cleaner, to laundry detergent.

What is Native Organics Grill Cleaner?

Native Organics Grill Cleaner Natural Grill Cleaner Plant BasedThis cleaner is a combination of plant-based oils that are used to remove tough carbon, grease, and food residue left over that you failed to remove or were too lazy to scrub.  The best part is that it is non-reactive, non-flammable,  biodegradable, and chlorine-free. Their non-toxic formula is so simple and natural that you could literally drink the stuff (though not recommended)

My Feedback

I find it really interesting of all the toxic chemicals that are in the traditional grill and oven cleaners. I have used several brands over the years to clean ovens and grills. All of them have put off an incredible odor that felt like it was melting my eyes out of their socket.

Photo: Before using the Grill Cleaner

Native Organics Natural Grill and Oven CleanerNot only that the everything seems to linger after use, especially in the oven. I was using Easy off fume free… which seems to have just replaced their fumes with the fake lemon.

Being a natural oil spray, the Native Organics Grill Cleaner is safe for your expensive pellet or kamado grills like Traeger, Grilla Grills, or the Big Green Eggs.


After Spraying the grate and scrubbing,Native Organics Natural Grill and oven cleaner

I followed the instructions on the cleaner and shook it prior to use. I had let my grill sit out in the sun for a few hours until it was nice and warm and sprayed down my grates.  After about 2 minutes I used my metal wire Weber Brush to remove the carbon build up. I was a bit upset at first because after two years of build up this solution didn’t seem to make a dent. It was still black after scrubbing and everything.

I took the grates off and rinsed them with potable water as directed and the carbon fell off. Everywhere I had sprayed and scrubbed was now back to its original silver.  I was not expecting the carbon to come off in that way because there was no reaction, foaming or anything that would have led me to believe it was working.

Photo: Post rinse.

Native Organics Natural Oven and Grill Cleaner


These photos don’t do it justice unfornately.  but you can definitely see the difference on the edge. The center grate was sprayed lightly and  not scrubbed at all, but still most of the carbon fouling had been removed.

Native Organics for life

I was absolutely blown away by this cleaner.  I will be using this for the rest of my life for sure. The best part is the fact that I can keep it under the sink and I know that it is non-toxic. Being a dad means that I have to ensure my family’s safety, not just from intruders but from accidents and household mishaps. The best way to accomplish that is prevention. Using products that are safe for the environment and my family is a great way to help protect my home and family.

You can find Native Organics Products on their website:



UPDATE 6-11-18:

We had one reader let us know that the shipping method on Native Organics website was not accurate and charging way overboard. I reached out to Native Organics LLC and they have updated that to ensure the correct shipping. Fast turnaround and awesome service.



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    I WAS interested in the grill cleaner bit a 120 dollar shipping charge to Quebec is outrageous.

    1. Dad

      Wow that’s crazy. I’d say reach out to him, that may be a mistake!

    2. Dad

      Yep I reached out to them and they said it was a mistake on the website and should be fixed. If you have more issues I urge you to contact them directly. They have great service!

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