Nest Thermostat

Nest Thermostat

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Nest Thermostat

About a year ago or so I got really interested in the Nest Thermostat and smart home devices in general. The Nest seems like one of the top competitors in the smart home market and its sleek design really was of interest to me. Google acquired nest in 2014. There is not much difference between the three generations of devices, but even so, I purchased the 3rd generation.  Why do I consider this dad gear? You need to save money and energy, at the same time making sure that your kiddo is not too hot or too cold from wherever you are.

About the Nest THermostat

The Nest Thermostat is a WiFi enabled smart thermostat that can detect when you are home or away in order to auto adjust your settings on your heat and air conditioning. Over time it has the ability to learn when you go to work, and when you are home and adjusts the temperature accordingly. The device can connect via the web or phone app to a variety of other smart home items such as Alexa by Amazon to enable voice controls. Now you can change the temperature without even moving! I don’t have any of that. Nest allows you to control it from your smartphone as well which is great for the middle of the night when you are too hot or cold. It has an easy to use interface and is not touch screen. The thermostat has a learning function that automatically schedules your system to turn on and off and even can pre heat or cool the house before  your scheduled arrival. Packed with great features, this device is sure to make anyone happy…


So as a brief background, I did lots of research before purchasing and the nest thermostat is not without its problems. Changes between generation 2 and 3 were not that big but finding one the right price was what the goal was. Purchasing the device was the easy part, installing it was a little trickier with my system and getting it to work was the hard part. I sat back and was proud of my handyman work when I finished…

The good:

The Nest Thermostat was easy to install, and it has a nice and simple interface. Getting the system setup was a breeze once it was installed properly. Technical support is not much help when verifying why the air isn’t working after installation. The app is well designed and is simple to use. The webapp is well built as well, and inter-networking the device with other devices is a breeze.

The Bad:

From the moment I took the old thermostat down, I knew there was going to be problems. My wires didn’t match what was in the directions, so I called support who, as I mentioned, were less than helpful. I finally got it installed just after Trump was inaugurated. Testing it seemed to have problems with the a/c kicking on. Finally after a couple of hours it just started working… Not sure what that was all about. I set the temperature and made sure it was within the eco area to save some green… Over the coming months my electric bill had doubled. I still cannot point directly to the nest because there were too many varying factors, but the auto schedule feature was a pain. I ended up turning it off and reset the thermostat to try again. Ultimately I have decided to replace it and try my luck with a different brand and have it professionally installed just to make sure.


Despite my troubles with it, there are an overwhelming number of people who absolutely love the Nest line of products, and the smoke detector was the reason I wanted to get one primarily. Only recently I learned that the smoke detector is not certified and an electrician will not install it because of that reason. I have enjoyed it, but know that it is not for every system and that your mileage may and probably will vary. I would recommend you do research and weigh your options before making the purchase of a nest. There has been a massive movement to the smart home devices and you now have options. I recommend you look around and see what would work best with your home. Good Luck!  

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