Oball Jungle Activity Center

Oball Jungle Activity Center

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Activity Center

Every parents needs a moment to breathe. As soon as your kid becomes mobile they are going non-stop with you chasing behind them, wishing-praying that they fall asleep so you can just get something done. Well Oball has the answer. The Jungle Activity Center by Oball. Or as we call it, the circle of neglect. (No, we do not put our child in this and leave him unsupervised). The circle of neglect offers a minute where you don’t have to chase your child around picking him or her up just in the nick of time as they reach for that dangerous object. If you can’t tell, I am exaggerating just a little, but some well earned time that the kids are entertained and you are able to do something is nice.


So the activity center is just that. It is a circle made out of plastic with various entertaining things attached to it such as an Oball spinner, a lion, and a couple of stacker pieces. It helps with your child’s leg strength, and fine motor skills. We do not recommend you leaving your child in this unsupervised. As with anything you should always keep an eye on your kid. It has three height settings and the seat spins 360 degrees to allow access to all the fun things to push, spin, and stack. Assembly is easy and takes about 5- 10 minutes.

THe good:

It is a joy for most kids. They are able to touch, feel and explore with their hands in an environment that is safe for and fun. It allows dad to sit down for a minute or clean up the mess that the toddler just made across the house. It also keeps them from getting into too much mischief for a short period of time. Having three height settings we were able to put our son it around 7 months, and he still can easily fit in it at `13 months with plenty of room to grow.

The Bad:

It’s a little bulky. So if you plan on transporting it any where you may want to disassemble it before moving. Unless you have extra room in your car of course. Our son got bored of it for a while so we swapped it out with other toys, and now he is a little older enjoys getting in it again. Rotation may be needed.


Yes, you need this. If you don’t have some type of circle of neglect (again do not neglect your children) then you need to pick one of these up. They are great for mom and dad to catch their breath and help with fine motor skills, leg strength and balance. They have adjustable positions to fit a variety of sized children. You can visit our store page for more information or to buy on amazon.

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