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The Panda Planner

So, like I said in the Bullet Journal review, I had previously looked into other types of planners and eventually settled on the Panda Planner back in December of 2016. The Panda Planner can be found on Amazon for a relatively good price of $25. So I figured I would give it a try. I was struggling with some anxiety and a little depression (if you want to call it that) and thought that something like this would help. It is “Scientifically” proven to increase productivity, mental health and make you feel much better about yourself.

What is it?

The Panda Planner is a blank canvas for its users, allowing the user to write in their own monthly, weekly and daily objectives, goals, tasks, gratitude statements, and prioritize them.  It also features a day in review, week in review and month in review where you list your wins and how you will improve. Overall a very nice setup. It features a small (5×8) or large size (8.5×11) in hardback or soft back. They are thread bound to lay flat open on your desk which is nice.

When you get it and open it up you may be a bit baffled. Every page is blank and it does have a slight learning curve. Included with the planner is a series of videos you can watch to help you learn how to use it. It is really simple once you get the idea of how to set it up and allows you to plan ahead by a few months.


The Good

The planner is fantastic for those people who need structured rigid lines to follow, or need a strict routine. The Panda Planner Pro, and color editions offer a little more to do. It did make me realize things that I needed to be grateful for and brought my mood back up to where it should be. My wife was amazed at how quickly my mood had changed. The color version includes a coloring book for those who are not busy enough with their kids, work, and everything else and need a little extra creativity in their life. The Pro version is a bit more expensive and offers a little more to it, but not quite what I needed for me.

The setup is as easy as filling in the months and dates. My planner is a small version and hardbound. it includes three bookmark ribbons, a rear pocket and an elastic band to hold the cover shut or whatever it is actually meant for.

The Bad

Well, the planner comes with a one year guarantee… The issue lies is that has a total of about 6 months of use. Maybe a few more if you skip a couple of months along the way. The Pro version is able to last about 9 months by design… I would much rather have a full year myself. That one year guarantee is what threw me off. I missed the 3-6 month part that is buried in the description and only saw the 1 year guarantee in the title. A little misleading to say the least. Of course it will last a year if it is only going to be used for 3-6 months and then put down. But what do I know?

The only other issue I had was trying to fill it in. Some days I had too much going on and others I didn’t have enough.  The daily structure is useful, but I would miss daily days, but still fill in the weekly, and monthly. Because of this, I ran out of monthly and weekly planning before I was done with the planner.


The Panda Planner is for those people who require rigid structure to stay organized. I cannot handle skipping days, weeks, or even months at a  time, however, the planner is a great starting point. It is simply not flexible enough to meet my needs. I would have rather have a pre-dated one to keep up with. If you need some structure and only 6 months of planning check these out. The Bullet Journal has met my needs better, though with a lot more time and effort into setting it up. I have also published an eBook about the Bullet Journal which you can find here

Note: The company has the 1 year guarantee and they admitted that it seems a little confusing. The company recommends that the planner is usable for six months. They offered me an apology for my confusion and provided me with a coupon code to purchase another planner. You can use coupon Code: PANDAFAM on amazon to get a 10% discount on a planner, and visit our store to buy the Pro or Regular version or check them out on Amazon

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