Pocket Radar: Ball Coach

Pocket Radar: Ball Coach

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I grew up playing baseball, but I wasn’t the most athletic person but in a time where kids were celebrated for losing, or winning and having no reason to win I found myself very competitive. I wanted to win. I wanted to be the best. I believe that my parents wanted me to try my hardest and be the best that I could be. The tools were limited at the time to accurately help me improve.

I was didn’t know what my baseline was and had no idea where improvements could have been made. One of the biggest parts of baseball is speed. Sure, throwing, catching and hitting are all important, but speed and endurance are the most important parts. Think about it, a fielder is going after a ball, the faster that fielder can run the quicker the play can be made. Same with running the bases.


Pocket Radar Ball Coach Baseball Training Softball ScholarshipThe ball coach is the answer to that question. The Ball Coach takes a rapid reading over the split second that the ball is in the air and tells you the fastest velocity in the period.

The obvious application is to pitchers in baseball. It helps with the speed of the pitch and for pitchers to train and build muscle memory to be consistent.

I have always had a pretty fast pitch but was completely inaccurate and unreliable. Using a tool like the Ball Coach helps athletes learn how they are throwing and can make changes where necessary.

A less obvious application is to batting. The faster the velocity off the bat, the further the hit. It’s not necessarily how hard the ball is hit, but rather how much energy is transferred to the ball. A coach can take the information presented by the Ball Coach and help the team choose the correct bat for his or her weight and size for that perfect hit to mid-field or beyond.

A great defense will keep you from losing the game, but you can’t win without an offense.

The ball coach is a great tool to monitor kids for injury also. A pitcher has a baseline throw of 65mph. As the game progresses his speed decreases to 55mph that is from fatigue, but throwing when you are fatigued could cause muscle, joint and rotary injuries resulting in a lot of pain and a lifetime of medical hardships.

Protecting our kids is something every parent wants to do and many time too much so. When it comes to health, it’s important that we put our kids at the highest priority. This aspect of the Ball Coach is the best reason for it.

So let’s skip ahead a few years. Your son or daughter is in high school and playing their favorite sport and mentions potential scholarships.

That means you pay less for school!!!

You can use the Ball Coach to train for the scouts. Your child can use available information to understand his or her weaknesses and work to improve those areas, increasing the likelihood of a scholarship! That’s exciting to me.



Pocket Radar Ball Coach Baseball Softball Tennis Training ScholarshipIt’s simple to use and ready right out of the box. Though I encourage you the read the instructions, most of us will just take it out of the box and start pushing the button.

The Ball Coach is as simple as pointing at the ball and pressing the button. There are some limitations such as where you should stand – in direct line of the ball. Because of the nature of radar waves, being too far to one side or the other will cause the waves to not be received properly resulting in a poor reading.


Pocket Radar offers several variants of their radar systems. A classic, the Ball Coach, and one for law enforcement. You want to choose the one that is right for you. If you are focusing on working on the speed of the ball and accuracy then the Ball Coach is the way to go but if you are working on running speed or a non-ball sport, the Classic would be the better option.


Pocket Radar Ball Coach Baseball Softball Tennis Training ScholarshipsLooking at the Ball Coach and the Classic devices from Pocket Radar, I literally thought to myself “what would I do with these?” After using them for a few weeks I can really see how they could keep your kids save in sports.

I am more confident about using a radar device to help my son be the best athlete he can and wants to be. I always struggled with practicing, because it wasn’t fun. I could never tell how I was improving. Using the Ball Coach radar you have a system to establish baselines and see your growth using a standard that is used in every major league sport. It’s also fun for the player to train and actively see his or her improvements.

One reason why people quit diets and exercise is the lack of results. These devices change that game and can help make your child a great athlete while offering protection from sports injuries using prevention.

Head over to pocketradar.com to get more information on the devices. You can purchase it on Amazon as well with with this link.


Pocket Radar Ball Coach Baseball Softball Little League MLB Tennis Training


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