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QALO Rings

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Qalo Silicon Rings

Qalo Rings: for whatever life throws at you

Mens Silicon QALO rings

Your normal ring is not as tough as you are. Mine is pretty tough being titanium, but still there are issues that occur when working with machinery and heavy equipment. You could always take your normal wedding ring off, but that would give your wife a bad vibe. You are better off switching for the day to one that can handle the grind. Try switching to the QALO ring.

Tough and durable

QALO rings are made out of silicon and have several designs and colors to allow you to customize them. And at such a low price it is easy to get a couple of them and switch out the colors depending on your activity. For men working with their hands, you know that the metal of a gold, titanium or tungsten ring puts pressure on your palm and causes some pretty good calluses. The silicon rings don’t because they bend and adapt to the changes in your hand and environment. When working with machinery, it is important to remove your ring so it doesn’t tear your finger off. The QALO would not have that issue as the material should tear before it has the chance to injure you.

The Good

The ring is a fantastic quality, built soundly and looks great. It is lightweight and easy to adapt to. The colors are good but don’t look anything like a traditional ring.  They are flexible, and true to size. There are several different designs to choose from that look good. They are a bit wider than my wedding  band which I was able to get used to quickly. Best of all they save your hands when lifting heavy or operating heavy machinery. They are great when hunting because they are silent. I have spooked more than one deer clinking my ring on the barrel of the shotgun in the heat of the moment.

The Bad

They are not the fanciest things. Reserve them for the outdoors and working out or working with heavy equipment. The QALO rings are a great product , but they are easily spotted because of their size and colors.


Yes! Get these if you work with your hands or you are building up calluses on your hands from the Olympic bar. The black and grey are great color choices. If they tear or get lost, there isn’t much hurt as the rings will cost you less than $20. Go get yours today!


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