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This past weekend was busy, as most of them are. However, something was quite different. I was able to spend some quality time with my son, and his uncles. Doing so set me up for an awesome day. Sure I didn’t get a bunch done, but it was definitely time worth while. My brothers messaged me asking if I wanted to join them for breakfast Saturday Morning, which I was happy to do. We were able to discuss our upcoming hunting trip, and life in general. We shared a good meal and my son got to hang out with some of the greatest men I know.

That afternoon, my wife had to work so her and I spend some time before that talking and watching some fails on youtube (as we sometimes do). It was nice to be able to have a quiet moment during the day with just the two of us.

After she went to work, I was able to do yard work with my son, and pack for moving day which is now less than one month away. Part way through packing, cleaning, and prepping I had decided that it was warm enough to treat him to his first cup of Rita’s custard. His face lit up when he saw it and signed “thank you” a million times to the girl who served us. We sat on the bench outside and covered ourselves in the delicious melted chocolate ice cream.

I would usually find myself getting frustrated over the mess, but this time I was able to let go and be in the moment. Enjoyed our treats and headed back home after.

It was a good day.

I say all of that to express the need for good quality time. We are social creatures and often the stress and requirements of our life get in the way of being able to spend time with friends and family. Doing so is essential to a good mental health state as I am finding out. Those few special moments on Saturday were enough to fuel my endeavors for the entire weekend. It is quite amazing how much we let the stress of our jobs and happenings affect our outlook.

I was able to have real conversations with my wife about how we feel about different areas of or marriage, life, and decisions that we are making. Even how we communicate with each other. Stack all of that together and I think that it was a pretty good weekend.

Being dad means spending quality time with your friends and family building solid relationships.


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