Samsung BrightVIEW HD Monitor

Samsung BrightVIEW HD Monitor

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Brightview HD baby monitor

If you are anything like me you love technology. Just enjoying the interesting advancements in technological developments. When we found out my wife was pregnant I began looking for the perfect baby monitor. There are so many out there to choose from. You have the basic ones that are just like walkie-talkies, cameras,  HD camera, and even full on immersion experiences. Think about your specific needs before jumping into buying an expensive device like a baby monitor. Yes, you need one but figure out which features you need and want.

We settled on buying the BrightVIEW HD SEW-3043W from Samsung.


The camera is actually a year or two old which means it is a cheaper price. It comes with a 1 year warranty and features 720p Playback on a 5 in screen. Setup is simple, and the directions are easy to follow. You can add additional cameras to turn your child’s nursery into Fort Knox.

It has some great features including automatically turning the screen on when a noise is detected, and you can choose how sensitive this setting is. The camera features a built in music  player as well as a nightlight. It has good range up to 900 ft. We are able to walk outside and still get good reception. Lastly, it has invisible IR NightVision. This is a little creepy. When your child sits up in the middle of the night, staring at the camera with his eyes glowing, I am sure that all those horror movies will come to mind.

The Good

The camera itself is great. It is high quality and has a good range of motion. Trying to find a spot to mount it where the power cord wouldn’t get pulled by my son is a bit trying. We have switched to a floor bed recently and using a single camera, we can view the entire room. The colors are bright in the day, and the night vision is great. The warranty service is tricky but they did come through for me and replay my screen when the charging port was busted.


The Bad



A couple of things. First, the monitor is not real strong and repeatedly dropping it will cause damage. The charging port uses a micro USB. The battery loses its luster in about 6 months time, though we leave it on 24/7. As mentioned above, I had to push to get the


warranty replacement of the screen, but once they approved it, everything was peachy.


Now being a few years old, the bells and whistles are not up to spec with current models. But that is okay. Who needs to monitor if your child moves his or her arm in the middle of the night? This is a great baby monitor system for the price. We have gone through several screens, but you can buy the screen as a replacement and add the camera to it easily. When we were waiting for the warranty to come through, we ended up buying another cheap monitor… don’t skimp. If you want HD, get HD. Its worth the extra $50. Make sure to register the warranty and keep it in a sturdy place.

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