Sonos Speaker System

Sonos Speaker System

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So if you are like me, you may not have heard about Sonos until recently. They are a premium Hi-Fi sound system company specializing in wireless sound systems and I have to say their product is quite amazing and versitile.


They offer their Speakers with the name of Play. They have the Playbar, Play:1, Play:3 and Play:5. They also have a Subwoofer and wireless network adapter. The concept is quite intriguing as each speaker can stack on another (not physically but from a software perspective) allowing you to seamlessly play music wirelessly throughout the whole house without the need for any cables or adapters. It piggy backs on the wireless in the house and you control it using your phone or computer. It ties into just about all your music sources from a single app. Pretty cool.


In addition to the music service, The play bar and sub can be hooked up to the TV for an emersive sound experience. The sub is 100% wireless and the playbar connects via optical cables. then you can connect the play speakers to form surround sound that is wireless, which is amazing. The setup is easy, just push a button. The Sub rattles the house while the 5.1 surround is an amazing mind blowing experience.

The wireless controller is unnecessary in most instances. It basically creates a special wireless network for just the Sonos to communicate over at maximum speed.

I have had several play 3, playbar, and the sub for 3 years now and I have to say that it is simply an amazing system.

The good:

The sound quality is truly an experience. It feels to me like the band is playing right in my living room. It has awesome features that allow you to play different things on each speaker so when entertaining we can have several types or music around the house and with the Play 1 you can even have it in small rooms like the bathrooms. The quality is fantastic because of the use of wifi rather than bluetooth. The ease of setup, and syncing was phenomenal. Less than 5 minutes to get the systesm to sync together and work as a pair, or individually and being able to swap them any time is also fantastic.

The bad:

They are a bit pricey. Coming in much higher than Visio or other sound bars the bar runs $600 by itself and another $600 for the sub. Each of the play speakers go up from $100 for the little one. In this case that is the only bad thing.


So does the cost meet the quality… yes it does. The price is definitely worth a sound system of this quality and versitility. I have a Visio sound system for the TV also and it just cant compare the that of the Sonos.

All of the Sonos speakers come with my highest of recommendations. And because they are scalable, you don’t have to splurge and buy them all at once. You could build your system over time.

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