Stereotypical Dad

Stereotypical Dad

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Men often times get a bad rep. From all the men that have come before them and those that are in influential positions that make the rest of us look like pigs. To the point that there is a certain expectation of failure from men, as well as a certain “manliness”, “Success” and “attitude.” Men also set these stereotypes for themselves.

I am all for a man being rugged, successful and a provider for his family. But that doesn’t mean that it’s required to be a good father. When you think of a dad, do you think of Al Bundy from Married with Children, or Homer Simpson? Or do you think of the guy at your church struggling to make ends meet while loving his three wonderful kids and fighting depression because he works 80 hours a week?

Awesome Dad Gear is on a mission to break down some of these stereotypes. From the physical (fat bald dads with their dadbod) to their time (Dads not being present) and every facet in between. Fatherhood is riddled with stereotypes about how dads should act, feel, and be. Is it bad to be some of these things? Yes. Is it good to be some of these things? Yes. Is it required? No! We are at a point in history where we are dictated by every other person’s opinions in the world because of the inter-connectivity.  Bullying goes beyond high-school and we need to realize that we are in control.

Is it hard? Yes. It is not easy to overthrow a stereotype, but we will.

Being Dad is not running out on your family, or ending your life, or cheating on your wife and kids. Fatherhood is being the best man you can be for them. If you are out of a job at the moment, that doesn’t mean you are a bad dad. It means you are out of a job. Work hard to find another. Do your best. If you are doing your best to be a dad and raise your family, then you are a good dad. 90% of being a dad is just showing up. You do this, and you are already busting stereotypes.

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