The Small Things

The Small Things

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Over the last few months things have been chaotic. Absolutely chaotic. And it is in these moments that we are most vulnerable. With the insanity of the world going on around us, we tend to put everything ahead of us, and our own well-being. Each thing may be little, insignificant by itself. But compounded with the rest of the little things can be devastating. 

I had a bad day a month ago or so where everything was going wrong. The day itself wasn’t bad, it was the contents of the day. Waking up late, forgetting my access badge, forgetting my lunch, leaving the keys on the bus, etc. Each item on its own is easy to deal with (though very upsetting), but dealing with each item as a whole is overwhelming and produces an immense amount of stress. 

The little things build up in the opposite way too, though not nearly as identifiable because we tend to focus on the negativity of our life. 

Take some time to train yourself to look on the bright side. It doesn’t always help but can keep the negativity and feeling of hopelessness away while you deal with each thing in life. These small moments such as your son or daughter calling out “Dada!” in an excited voice when you get home are enough to melt away most of the bad things the day has dished out to you. 

As a dad we are to be strong for our family and do what we can to be active and engaged with them, but we cannot completely neglect our own mental and physical health. Many men I have talked to over the past few weeks have expressed that they don’t have time to maintain their homes, let alone their own lives. 

Take a time out. Not from being a dad, or work, or even life. Take a time out to breathe. Do something you enjoy for once. Schedule it with your wife to make sure everyone is taken care of. Of course, make sure she gets some time to do something she enjoys as well. 

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