Thermacell Mosquito Defense

Thermacell Mosquito Defense

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Thermacell Mosquito Defense

If you have ever been outside near any body of water, you know there is a annoying bug flying around. Mosquitos pose some threat to humans carrying viruses such as Zika and West Nile. Other parts of the world have more serious problems like malaria. The solution has been to drench yourself and children in poison to keep them away.


So what is the thermacell? It is a smallish device that uses a combination of butane and a  chemical pad that reacts with heat to create a 15′ x 15′ forcefield. It is simple to use and eliminates the oily citronella to spray on the kids and removes using poison such as deet. Insert the Butane cartridge in the bottom and add a repelling pad to the grill and turn it on.

It produces some heat but not too much. There is no odor and each butane cartridge lasts 12 hours. Each pad lasts about 4 and turns white when it is ready to change. The thermacell mosquito defense  is versatile and can be used while hunting, in the back yard with the kids, or at the park. It is silent, odorless and reduces the amount of chemicals you have to spray on yourself, your gear, or your children.

The good

Thermacell Mosquito Defense

As mentioned above, it is odorless, silent and easy to use. You can clip it on your belt, backpack, stroller, wherever you want. It lasts up to 12 hours per cartridge and is simple to swap them out. You should keep your kids from handling the device, but has proved to work wonders. I used it in my yard (I live in a swamp) and I didn’t have a single mosquito bite me.

We have tried spraying the yard, wearing 4 different types of bug spray and even having the neighborhood spray with no success thus far. We used the Thermacell one time and it was by far the best defense we have seen. I don’t know quite how it works but I am a believer.

The bad

The bad part is that its a bit expensive. The new model is about $35 and the old model is $20 Each butane and repellent pad pack is about 6 buck for 12 hours. Compared to the amount of coverage with a bottle of bug spray it is a lot more. But the benefits may out weigh the costs.

The Thermacell also does not repel ticks, only mosquitos. So you still should be weary if you are in a tick infested area. Use something like Sawyers on your gear in combination with the thermacell. Sawyers is a neurotoxin that is safe once dry. I cannot recommend you use this when your child has the potential to suck on the clothing its sprayed on.


Thermacell Mosquito Defense

Because this device has worked so well for us with our extremely heavy mosquito population, I will have to make the recommendation you at least try it. You can get the older version if you want to save a few bucks. Not having to cover my kid in chemicals to keep the parasites off of him is worth the cost any day. Not to mention, the other applications such as early season white tail hunting and hiking  or camping in the summer You only need one device for your entire group within a 15′ x 15′ radius.

I haven’t tested the distance but it has seemed to work for at least up to 10 feet from the device.

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