Time Ticks Away

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One of the cool things about social media is the storage of photos. Then you have apps that pull those photos with the date and context back daily. I have been looking at photos from last year when B would still lay on my chest and nap. A time when we would need to provide him with everything. He has become so mobile and into everything now that it seems that he doesn’t even need us any more… Except to feed and change him. He doesn’t even want to be fed. He wants to do that himself. I cannot begin to understand how time has left us. Will it always pass this incredibly fast? Will we be left wondering where it all has gone?  I suppose that we will constantly be playing catchup. Take each day and cherish the time you get with your little ones and your family.

Time is fleeting, and we are doing our best to catch up. Don’t let time escape and you look back with little to no memory of your precious moments.

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