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Time Travelers

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This weekend my family and I took a short road trip to Big Pool, Maryland. There is a state park there called Fort Frederick which was a fort built on the frontier of the early colonial settlement in Maryland. Housed at the fort this weekend was the annual 18th Century Market Fair. I enjoy history and especially American history. My family often take part in camps and living history events throughout the year. My son is finally old enough to begin interacting with everyone and everything. Of course the terrible two’s can be wonderful and terrible all at the same time. Running around open fires, hot iron and sharp knives is always a worry at his age.

The early exposure to one of my hobbies was a special moment. I am hoping that he will want to engage in the events, learn about the technology and techniques used from the time period we portray and want to join us when we do go camping for a weekend. This idea that he is at the point where he has begun to really interact with people and things is very exciting. It feels like just yesterday we brought him home as a little squish, unable to interact with anything except a boob. To see my little buddy grow into his own person, develop his own thoughts and opinions is wonderful, though at times stressful.

Being in the setting of the 18th century where the laws on child rearing were non existent, and on the frontier where there was imminent danger continuously it makes me wonder how did children survive? I am blessed to have been born in the time that I was, and even more blessed to have such an amazing son and wife by my side.

After having so much go wrong, I am trying to keep things in perspective and I am extremely blessed.


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