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I have been noticing a lot of people complaining about posts, and topics over the last few weeks that they want to have a “trigger warning” for. What the hell is a trigger warning?  It is kind of like a spoiler alert. It lets the reader know that there is something in the article that may be offensive to readers. Pardon me for a second…. HAhAHAHA.

So because people cannot handle the content of a post, or article they need to know that there is something offensive prior to reading. When normal people would simply stop reading and move on to something else. Wow! Really?

Why it matters?

So taking offense to things is a natural response to information or actions that we do not like. However it has seriously been on the rise over recent years. It seems that the latest generation (which happens to be my generation… technically) cannot handle anything and instead needs a safe place and corner to cry in. Suck it up butter cup! Look how incredibly far we have fallen since our grandparents went off to fight in WWII.

Our people have become such weenies who cannot handle anything and must protest everything. We need trigger warnings to tell us that there is an article that talks about parents fighting, or a child getting sick. I am not down playing the emotional roles that events like this play in people’s lives. But the world and life is so much greater than that.

I am not saying that people who experience traumatic things such as the death of a child, or being raped and do not want to relive the experiences are not strong… NOT AT ALL! And those people should refrain from being on pages where those topics are discussed constantly unless they are seeking to help other people going through similar situations. Social media causes so many more issues than it solves.

I hope and pray that I can raise my son to be strong. To be able to handle his own emotional problems,  To know when and how to ask for help when he needs it. Above all, be able simply move on if he reads and article that offends him and doesn’t have a trigger warning.

We must raise our children to be independent, and not be upset at every thing that happens. Teach them that life is unfair, and we must work hard to earn our place in society. Teach them that things happen that are out of our control, and we can learn from it and move on. The current mentality is a blight on society.

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