What Money Is To Me

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Money is the root of all evil… Or so people will say. In reality it isn’t. Greed (the love of money) is though. Wanting everything for yourself is a bad place to be. Your mind figures out how to work people over and get all that for yourself, and only for yourself.

I admit that I struggle with this. I look at things other people have and I want them… for myself, not necessarily for my family but for only me! That is a major problem. My thoughts have to be constantly corrected to see that it is okay to want things and better things than I have. I have to put those wants and desires to work to reach that point, not for me, but for my family.

This greed makes it hard to get ahead. As soon as some progress is made, something comes along and knocks it back. That something can be an item that I want desperately, or a major incident that happened and requires immediate attention. I have to break the mindset of stuff and get to the way of thinking that makes money a tool. Money is a tool. An asset to help complete a job. But it can only be utilized if used properly. A shovel does not make a very good ax. A screw driver does not make a good jack stand. Being determined with your money and strict will be the only way to get past the monthly living. What could you do if you weren’t bound by the monthly paychecks?

Money is a tool, that must be learned how to be used for yourself, family, and throughout life. Money isn’t everything, but it almost always helps.

Being Dad means being a good steward and using money as the tool that it is.

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