You know nothing, Jon Snow…

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You know nothing, Jon Snow

I think of how many times that the quote has been said on Game of Thrones. And it is a lot. It seems as Jon goes through his life and various adventures he never learns anything. One of our friends just had their first child the other night and my wife went to see them. As she recounted meeting the new baby to me, I realized how much we have gone through in a year, and how much we (thankfully) didn’t have to go through. I remember bringing our son home the first night and sitting on the floor with the dogs in my lap while my wife nursed him thinking, “Now what?” There is no manual, no guide, no tutorial. The only option is on the job training.

I feel we have done pretty good. We read all kinds of books while she was pregnant. Most of which turned out to be useless because the boy is just so different than what the books said. Nothing the books said would happen, happened. It was the same story as when we were training the dogs. We got the books on dog training, read and re-read them and by the time we felt confident in what we were doing, we got the first dog… and she did nothing the book said she would. Training was difficult at first because nothing worked. Luckily we found a trainer for the dogs. There is no baby trainer. We are learning as we go and still know nothing. I try and take this into account when writing here or offering my advice. I try and preface it all with, this is just my opinion based on my experience. Your mileage may vary.

It extends from there…

From the dawn of time, men have been idiots.

 -Eric Mathews (Boy Meets World)

Today is our 5 year wedding anniversary. I have worked hard for it to be special for my wife. In 5 years I have learned a lot about her. Her likes, her dislikes, what really pisses her off and what makes her happy. But for some reason, I still make mistakes on important days. That to be said, is no matter how long you are married, or have kids, you will always know nothing, Jon Snow.

We must realize that we really know very little about the life we live, about the earth we live on and about the universe that surrounds us. So take what you know, and apply it. Take what you screw up and adapt to it. Learn and grow from your mistakes. Because being dad is always an educational experience.

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